Jamaica 2.0

We are fresh back from our Jamaican vacation, the second annual siblings trip and a fun time was had by all.  I am loving the warm weather we came back to here in NYC.  It has been a beautiful couple of days and I am hoping it stays that way.  We left over a week ago in 30 degrees and came back to upper 50s.  Spring has shown it’s face and I couldn’t be happier.

Our vacation was everything we hoped it would be – relaxing, carefree, cell phone-less, sunny (with a few spots of rain), pretty, a bit adventurous and most of all a ton of fun.  We arrived to a slightly overcast horizon in Ocho Rios but the weather got better each day.  And we were awarded the most amazing treat as we were departing JFK at 5am to start our vacation.

First Class

Enjoying my spread in 1st Class

We got upgraded FOR FREE to first class.  A few things.  #1 Neither Mr. Dr. nor I have ever sat in First Class and to be honest, it’s probably safe to say that before this trip I never thought we ever would.  #2 We are never the people that get lucky when it comes to this kind of stuff.  In fact, when they called us up to the front desk over the loud speaker at 5am, I was half asleep taking a bite into my McDonald’s hash brown and my first 3 immediate thoughts were:

-”Damn you Caribbean Airlines for losing our luggage before we even board.”
-”Shit, what did we do wrong this time? I swear I abided by all of the carry-on luggage rules.”
-”No I am not going to be OK sitting apart if you are going to tell me that you need to separate us.”

But low and behold the lady behind the counter says “We are giving you a complimentary upgrade to First Class.”  Mr. Dr. looked at me with the eyes of someone who knows his wife all too well.  You know…the eyes that are telling me not to ask why in God’s name we were chosen because we are just 2 normal people who don’t fly that often and are way too frugal to ever actually pay for an upgrade like this ourselves.  His approach is keep mouths shut and accept the generous offering.  But my instincts took over and those 2 little words trickled out of my hash brown-filled lips…”But why?”  Luckily the answer was simply because occasionally people are chosen at random if seats are available.  Phew.  We did nothing wrong.  I couldn’t believe it.  Well now I know why people do pay for the upgrade.  It’s amazing!  I was drinking mimosas at 6am not because I wanted them, but because I could.  I was exhausted but didn’t want to sleep because I wanted to enjoy every minute of my flying experience.  It really was a treat.  As expected, the flight home was sub par compared to the flight there and we were quickly reminded that coach is where the recliner option is broken and you get served crackers and juice instead of blueberry pankcakes and champagne.

Here are some other highlights from our trip.

Beach Pic


Pool Relaxing

Italian Dinner


Beach Volleyball



Our Great Company :)

Our Great Company :)

We rotated from the pool to the beach and from the boardwalk bar to the pool bar.  We drank, ate and laughed for 5 straight days.  We played beach volleyball everyday to get our workout in and tipsy shuffleboard after dinner.  We went zip lining for the first time and after the initial shakes prior to the first one, we had a blast.  And never have I ever…had Easter dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse with a chef named Shannon the Cannon.  That will probably be a first and a last but it was great!

Our Easter Dinner

And now we are back to reality…another vacation down and already looking forward to the next one.  Until then I will rely on this to hold me over.


5 thoughts on “Jamaica 2.0

  1. Looks like y’all had a blast! Wasn’t zip lining so fun?! We did it on our honeymoon in Mexico. And I’m SO jealous y’all got upgraded to 1st class on the way there- that’s my dream come true! I’ll be up in NYC this weekend and a little upset that the 70 degree weather there today and tomorrow won’t last… I guess it could be worse than the 50′s though!

  2. I haven’t been reading blogs for 2 months. I just read like 20 of your posts to catch up. :) Glad you had fun on your trip. First class = rockstar status. Welcome to the club!

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