Cheers To 2 Years

Today is  Mr. Dr. and I’s 2 year anniversary.  It is pretty remarkable how fast the last two years have flown by.  I can still vividly remember coming home a week before our wedding to find him staring at the TV screen engrossed in a project.  He had downloaded a software program to help with the seating chart and hooked up the computer to our TV screen so we could look at the ballroom layout big picture.  (This was post-match, pre-wedding/4th year graduation so he had ample free time.)  It was pretty amazing.  The fact that he cared enough to help with last minute planning and went the extra bit to lay everything out for his bride to easily approve was very thoughtful.  Reason 381746564 why I married him.

If you would have asked me 9 years ago (the year we met) where I saw myself in 10 years I probably would not have said living in NYC, married to a doctor.  I probably would have said hopefully living in NYC, married to a doctor. Bahaha.  Yeah right.  All the way up until that becomes one’s reality.  Then you realize all too quickly that reality is a bit harsher than anticipated.  No, I probably said I’d be married with 3 kids, and have a nice little home out in the burbs somewhere with my sweet little family.  But that is just too boring right?  And boring is not a word that people use to describe me or Mr. Dr.  So I guess it’s fitting that our relationship 9 years later has turned into a beautiful, blossoming tilt-a-whirl ride that you might enjoy at your nearest carnival.  Up, down and all around.  We are crazy, our schedule has no routine, some weeks we hardly see each other, we barely have a savings, we fight, we laugh, we cuddle and we love each other so much that he gives me 3/4 of the bed most nights so I can sprawl, and I meet him down at the hospital every chance I get even if it’s for 5 minutes when he is on an overnight call just so I can give him a smooch.  But at the end of every nutty day, every hardship, every little speed bump and every next turn, I wouldn’t trade this marriage for the world.  I guess that feeling is how you know you picked the right guy.

I woke up on the day of our wedding to dark skies, pouring rain and a tornado warning (thankfully my family and maids spared me of the tornado news until the next day by keeping all TVs and news outlets turned off).  But for every dark cloud in that sky and every drop of rain that soaked Baltimore, there was a smile that day.  There was so much love surrounding us on our wedding day and we felt so lucky to be with all of the people that share in our happiness each and every day.  Despite what the weatherman said, the sun was shining…in a beautiful church and a stunning mansion where we celebrated with our favorite people.

Check out our fun highlight video: Looze Wedding Video



And here are some more of my favorite moments from our special day…









Umbrella Photo





9 thoughts on “Cheers To 2 Years

  1. Happy 2 year anniversary!! You were such a beautiful bride!! Fun to look back on your wedding day! I would have said the same thing about having no clue about the future almost 10 years ago when I first met my now Dr. hubby :)

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