We are officially on day 3 of the month of May. And that means…A-MAY is upon us. Yes, my glorious birthday month. I am fortunate that my family and friends have embraced this tradition over the last few years because that means I get a month long celebration. Usually after about 2 days Mr. Dr. has had enough. Last year, he tried to really give me a birthday week and we agreed to celebrate in some way every night the week of my birthday. I think we got to night #3 and we were so worn out by the time my actual birthday came around we didn’t do anything. Maybe that was his plan all along!

So in honor of A-MAY I am going to share a staple A-MAY cocktail for this week’s Cocktail Friday. The drink can be found at Seacret’s in Ocean City, MD where we like to traditionally indulge in a day drink-fest with family and friends to celebrate my birthday and kick off summer. With Mr. Dr. now in residency it’s tricky for us to make the trip and for us all to celebrate together.  But we still try and pick one weekend in the beginning of summer, near my bday and head down to OCMD with the family. Here is the ultimate frozen drink that if you drink too many of…will live up to its name the next day during your hangover.

Pain In De Ass


-Half Pina Colada
-Half Rum Runner
-A whole lot of sugar & fruity flavors combined to taste like the tropics

I can’t wait to indulge in my first one of these in a few weeks.  Until then I will hold you over with some of my favorite moments captured from previous A-MAY celebrations.  Enjoy…

Amay 1

Amay 8

Amay 3

Amay 7

Amay 4

Amay 5

Amay 6

Amay 2

Happy Cocktail Friday and happy weekend.

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