The other day I stopped to think about what motivates me.  Typically when I think about motivation, work comes to mind.  Perhaps it is because we are constantly looking for the motivation to help us get up and go to work everyday.  Or maybe because while at work it’s important to have motivation to succeed.  And when you succeed, you get rich.  Hopefully in dollar bills, relationships and in life.  Although sadly not always the case.  This is ultimately what makes the world go round and makes us all tick.  If there was zero motivation within people would we all be vegetables?  With no brain, emotion or life?  Being motivated is obviously important in our professional life but that doesn’t mean we should neglect what motivates us in our personal life.  God I sound like one of those speakers that stands on a stage in an auditorium full of people talking about how important it is to value yourself.  But I swear I’m not.  I just felt that when I really sat to think about it, I discovered there are a lot of drivers that motivate me each and everyday.

My own personal ambition motivates me to be better at my job.  I am lucky that I have an ambition because not everyone out there does as I am sure we all know someone in our lives that lacks this desire.  I believe all doctors have ambition and that aids in the majority of their accomplishments and is a key driver for why they choose that career path.  My family and friends are another big motivating factor for me.  People in general peak my curiosity as I have always been very interested in learning about the “whys” of people doing things.  But specifically – my family motivates me to be a more loving daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt and niece.  My friends motivate me to be more loyal, a better listener and great company.  Living in NYC with all of its surroundings motivates me to be more open and accepting of cultures, places and an unhealthy amount of delicious food and drink.  Speaking of drink, opposite ends of the spectrum motivate me to drink.  On one end there are days that it’s stress and on the other end there are days that it’s a celebratory occasion.  I can alwayssssssss find a celebratory occasion for a drink. :) Oh it’s Monday AND the first week of June AND Medical Monday – this calls for a cocktail.  But the most important motivation in my life is undoubtedly my busy husband.  He motivates me to be a better everything.  Yes, he also drives me nuts sometimes but he motivates me to feel the ups, downs and all arounds of our life together.  Lucky for me, that motivation gives way more laughs and smiles than frowns and tears.

The interesting part is when one of the motivaters is off.  My ambition lessens when I have a bad day at work.  I won’t be the greatest company if there is an issue with my friends or family.  If the weather in NYC is crappy, I won’t be as accepting about the guy who accidentally hit me in the face with his umbrella and didn’t apologize on the busy pedestrian-filled street.  And if my Mr. Dr. has a bad day then there is the potential that my happiness can feel empty or incomplete because our relationship is my most valued motivator.  So when these things happen I have found that the best thing I can do is focus on what’s ahead because there always seems to be something lingering in the forefront of my thoughts that can keep my motivation afloat.  Something upcoming that we should be able to look forward to – a vacation (even if just a day), a milestone in residency, visitors, a pleasant surprise, a new purchase, a new savings, a new job, a new home, a new family addition, a new friend, a new experience, new weather, and in the end…even a damn new day.  I guess in a way this relates to that saying:

Life is too short

But it’s true isn’t it?  Because the longer we stay unhappy, the more of a rut we get ourselves into and the longer it takes to get out.  So shit, I choose happy and will try to just keep swimming.  Sure, some days our motivators are at a higher level than others.  But at the end of the day our best bet is that if one of our motivators is down, the other is up.  That balance could just be one of the keys to keeping us happy.

And all of the above motivates me for this blog.  Without my motivation, I would sit around in my bed all day, be pretty lonely and eventually officially become a hermit.  What motivates you?  Is there anything specific when you stop and think about it?

And of course…

Happy June Medical Monday!  I can’t believe its June.  Although the humidity outside is an unpleasant reminder.  For those of you stopping by from the link-up thanks for visiting.  Quick recap – my Dr.H is an ortho R2, I work in media and we are in our 6th year of living in NYC.  Looking forward to meeting some new readers and writers this month.

11 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. South Carolina humidity {and big bugs} motivate me to stay in doors.
    Seeing pictures of myself since gaining loads of weight and graduating nursing school motivates me to work out.
    Seeing my child smile motivates me to spend more time with her.
    and I agree, a celebratory occasion for a glass of wine is always just around the corner ;)

  2. ALWAYS a reason for a good cocktail. What motivates me? Getting through the workday and going home to my pets and boyfriend. I do it for them! Always good to see you, hope your birthday month was fantastic :)

  3. My son motivates me. Before he was born, I was having a rough time and after, I suffered PPD for 3 years. But now, I want to do better for him and for myself. I definitely think people need motivation to keep going, which is really hard for some to find when they feel like everything they do doesn’t work. I’ve always just had a good cry when I’ve fallen down, then gotten back up to try, try again. Great post! (Visiting from MM hop!)

    • Hi – thanks for visiting :) It’s hard sometimes to get up and try, try again but it is a great feeling to motivate, overcome and conquer your challenges.

  4. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays, I always look forward to your posts. Motivation for me is a moving target and sometimes it is here and sometimes it isn’t. When I am feeling motivated watch out!

  5. First of all, I LOVE your blog name. Martinis just scream NYC to me – maybe it’s my Sex and the City obsession.

    It’s interesting to examine our motivations for things. Maybe I need to step back and figure out what mine are because I can’t think of very many right now. I think I’m just going through the motions right now.

    Great post! Definitely a new follower & Happy Medical Monday!

  6. You know what? You and I are two peas in a pod. Vacations are great motivators!! And so are martinis!
    Always love reading your stuff! Thanks for linking up for MM!

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