2nd Year = DONE

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Happy July 1st and Happy Medical Monday.  And most of all.  Happy first day of PGY3 for us.  It’s here.  The end to PGY2 has come.  The final rotation of ortho trauma is complete and although it was a doozy it.is.over.  I could not be happier to have the first 2 years of residency done and under our belts.  And I know I speak for both Mr. and Mrs. Dr. on that one.  It has been a pretty nutty year in the land of orthopedic residency.  I didn’t think that the hours would get worse from intern year…but they did.  I didn’t think his time “at home” in front of the computer or on the phone could increase from intern year…but it did.  I didn’t think the 24 hour shifts were real…but they are.  I didn’t think that Mr. Dr. would ever really get used to functioning on empty…but he did…and he does.

Now I also didn’t think that after working the longer hours he would maintain the excitement for his job…but he has.  In fact, his excitement for orthopedics has grown and it has been a really fun, inspiring venture to watch.  Hal-eh-lu-ya.  Rest assured he chose the right specialty.  However in full disclosure, there was a point a few months into 2nd year when Mrs. Dr. had to come to the rescue and politely reiterate to a defeated Mr. Dr. that we were not quitting after a couple rough tussles were had in the hospital.  Keeping the eye on the prize was more or less what I insisted so kindly reminded him was our goal.  I of course left out the following statements:

-Are you kidding? Of course there is no turning back.
-Did you forget that large 6 digit number of debt we have lingering over the tops of our little heads?
-Get it together Doc. We are in it for the long haul.
-We (let’s be honest, more specifically I) have not endured 6 years of this medical life crap for nothing.

No no.  I left all of that out and spoke to him like a motivational speaker on her best day.  And somehow it worked.  I was probably a few glasses of wine or maybe even a bottle in but sometimes that’s all we need.  But that was it…only 1 major hurdle to cross.  I use that term loosely as there are lots of hurdles.  But hey – if only 1 major down occurs in 365 days in a field where we have more ups and downs than a roller coaster at Six Flags that is considered a big win.

Best of all, he never ceases to amaze me.  He comes home from work at 9am or 9pm with a smile on his face.  He works hard and puts in the time where it’s due and doesn’t complain.  In fact, he is the one that politely reminds me that whether we like it or not, there isn’t a whole lot he can really have a say in so for now we just have to go with it.  And believe me, I need that reminder.

That is probably my biggest learning from 2nd year.  I can’t tell you how many times I said to myself “just go with the flow.”  It helped me tremendously when dealing with unfair scheduling, long calls, missed holidays, missed events and all of the other crap that goes along with being a resident.  So much of it is beyond their poor, suture sewing control.  I reached the point this year where I understood what it meant to direct my anger away from him and instead out into the air (or into the vodka), because there was not a whole hell of a lot either of us could do about the many frustrations he, and sometimes we, were experiencing.  But as usual, we got through it with laughs, smiles and a few sparse tears.

I’d say with 2 years of orthopedic residency done and our marriage still not only in tact, but happy as can be, those theme parks better start lining up at our door.  The Mr. & Mrs. Dr. ride might just be the next big conquering amusement. :).  Come one, come all.

9 thoughts on “2nd Year = DONE

  1. Hooray for survival. My husband talks me off of those kinds of ledges too. I think it comes with the disaster that can sometimes be residency. Congratulations!

  2. Yahh!! 1 More Year Down! Hubs started second year and has reassured me that it will definitely be worse than first year. It’s all a doozy at this point. Thanks for the encouragement that we’ll get through this one too. I have a feeling it will fly by! Cheers to your 3rd year!

  3. Congrats on him finishing his second year. I can’t even imagine the crazy schedule, well i guess I can but I don’t know how i would manage that.



  4. That was a great post to read!!! Congrats on finishing year 2!!! {lots of applause}

    Thanks for linking up again for MM! Love having you!!!

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