You Know You Make Me Wanna



Technically wedding season commences in April.  Funny actually, when we chose our wedding date I spoke to a couple that said they had gotten married in April and it was a great month to do so because their wedding kicked off wedding season for most of the guests.  It makes sense for us east coasters.  April-October and really now November is even just as big to say those two joyful words ‘I do’ with your soul mate.  And so I guess it was nice to get everyone excited for the upcoming months of wedding festivities for other friends and family members.  Throw in a tornado and voila, we really kicked off wedding season with a bang 2 years ago!

This wedding season for us has started off quiet which has been a nice change from the last 2 years.  Last year we had 7 weddings, yes 7.  We are just at that age.  Unfortunately Mr. Dr. was also an intern/2nd year throughout the wedding madness.  This = only made it to about half.  50% is a pretty accurate count for things he misses in a year.  So hopefully that increases year over year.  Even if it’s just to 56% this year.  I’ll take it.  Although for June that 50% rings true.  This weekend kicks off our first wedding of 2013 and I am looking forward to spending a fun weekend with family and friends.  I mean really, how fun are weddings??  And when you know the majority of people there, it’s even better.  Mr. Dr. is working so he will miss this one but that’s ok because wedding #2 of the season is next weekend and he will be there in the flesh.  I can’t guarantee he won’t be tired and I am not to blame if he falls asleep next to the dance floor, but I can guarantee that we will be celebrating the end of his 2nd year as much as the nuptials of the bride and groom.

Confession: Ever since the movie Wedding Crashers I have wanted to crash just ONE wedding to see what it would feel like.  Is that weird?  I think it might be.  I blame Vince and Owen because they make it look too fun.  My next confession is that I secretly hope that never comes true because it’s probably creepy and not cool.  I digress…

This weekend I will be in my hometown, good ol’ Bmore, with fabulous family and fantastic friends.  The good news at this point in the game instead of the “Where’s your husband?” question, I have been to enough events solo that it’s more like, “So he’s working?” and all I have to do is shake my head yes.  Saves me a few breaths.  But despite being unaccompanied by my favorite human accessory, it will be a great time and I’m really looking forward to it.

And then I am rushing home on Sunday because it’s our first year attending the residency graduation dinner for our program.  Mr. Dr. is getting relieved from his shift for 4 hours on Sunday so we can go as it’s pretty mandatory for the PGYs 2-4 to be there to support the graduating 5th years.  Which I think is great by the way.  I will report back on that one.

Cheers to wedding season and Happy Cocktail Friday.

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