Baby You’re A Firework

Happy Birthday America.  July 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Well I like all holidays really.  Because you get a day off work, everyone is happy, you (hopefully) get to spend it with family & friends and it’s a great excuse to drink and eat a lot.  But July 4th is extra special because it’s in the heat of summer and I loooove summer.  It also brings back great memories.  Every year growing up we had a big 4th of July party at my parent’s house.  They live across the street from a big park that has an annual fireworks show.  We gathered the troops, grilled out, filled the coolers, played horseshoes, badminton, went swimming and partied till the pitch black.  Over the years once us kids took on the profession of college students, the party transpired and we added beer pong (kids vs. dads) tournaments to the activity list.  Fun times were had by all.  I made vodka punches that could have killed a group of small animals but everyone left buzzed, happy and with a full bladder.

4th of July party circa 2005ish??  Gosh we are young and spritely.

4th of July party circa 2005ish?? Gosh we look young and spritely.

With where we are now in our lives, the July 4th holiday holds a new, unique meaning since its always the week Mr. Dr. embarks on the next year of his doctorhood training.  Another reason to celebrate an already favorite holiday?  Sign me up!

Have a great holiday

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