Celebrating 1 Fabulous Year

July marks a very exciting time for WLGYM…MM.  It’s my 1 Year Blogiversary!  This time one year ago I had a thought.  Well I had a lot of thoughts that were driving me just too crazy.  One of those thoughts turned into an idea.  Well I had a lot of ideas that were probably just not that great.  Like that sewing class years back…eek.  But one of those ideas last July was one of my best yet.  And voila, 365(ish) days have passed since I made my entrance into the blogosphere.  Thank goodness every blind squirrel finds a nut because I had no idea that my measily little blog idea would turn around and give back to me such fulfilling reward.

I knew I liked to write, I knew I liked to talk.  I knew I was sick of med school (even though it was over), I knew I was sick of residency (even though we were only a year in).  I knew I lived in a great city, I knew I liked to drink beaucoup cocktails.  I knew monetarily we didn’t have much, I knew in my heart we had the world.  I knew Mr. Dr. had a long way to go, I knew it felt like was never going to end.  I knew we were lucky to have each other, I knew I was just as lucky to have the local liquor store and bar.  I knew I liked to read blogs, I knew I wanted an outlet.  I knew I was a little crazy, I knew people knew I was a little crazy.  I knew my emotions fluctuated constantly, I knew what it meant to feel alone.  I knew I wanted to make a change.

When I created this blog I wrote in my about me section the following: This blog is a testament to myself, husband, family, friends and anyone out there who knows what’s it like to not spend a whole lot of face time with your significant other; but yet still stay connected, happy and sane in your relationship…and in life.

Well folks, so far, I am proud to say that statement remains the truth.  I write genuinely and openly about the great, good, bad and ugly of the ups and downs of our medical and non-medical worlds combining to create one perfect science of a relationship and life together.  Mix in a few cocktails and there ya have it.  Not only a testament but the best therapy money can’t buy.  I am humbled by my readers who take the time to follow me each and every week.  Having you along to share in this journey has made me feel so blessed, thank you.  The support I have been given from the moment I started this blog has been blissfully unexpected and overwhelmingly comforting.  I am grateful to have joined such a great medical spouse community and virtual support group.  Readers – I hope I have given you the laughs and smiles through my reading that you all inspire to me to have as I write.  It’s been a great year.  Now onto the next.  Happy 1 Year Blogiversary to me :)

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