Hot Sweaty Mess

Is it really the end of July?  I am just now realizing I never even filled you in on my first residency graduation dinner experience from June?  Bad blogger, Mrs. Dr., bad blogger.  Although I suppose the positive side of that means that I have been busy busy busy and that my friends is true.  That post will come soon.  In the meantime, summer, as usual, is cruising on by.  Just yesterday it feels I was aching for 85 and sunny to show its face as I trotted to work in the brisk April weather.  And then bam.  55 turned to 65 and 65 turned to a whopping 95.

Seriously, NYC has gone through a pretty drastic heat wave these past few weeks.  Although the last 24 hours have been quite nice.  You won’t hear me complaining because my motto is bring on the heat, but I must say, getting to work and having to wipe down my skin from perspiration is not sexy.  For godsakes, can they at least get a fan in the elevators at work so our cramped ride up 16 floors is a little more bearable?  My commute is just long enough that I get into the building and am feeling like a hot, sweaty mess.  When I where certain outfits I have to check that the clothing hasn’t completely stuck to areas of my skin or that my sweat lines aren’t busting through the material.  Then I cool off for a hot second and regain my composure.  Elevator comes and I step in only to get some serious shoulder to shoulder action with other hot sweaty skinned messes.  The sweat glands open up yet again and I occasionally feel my hair strands sticking to my neck as we open and close on what feels like every floor before I get to mine.  As the bodies get pawned off floor by floor there is slight relief as we inch up.  I reach my floor, depart from the hot box and step out into the cool air.  At that moment I am thankful for the blistering chill that sweeps my body as I walk to my desk.

Upon desk arrival, I wipe myself down, sit and regroup for the morning.  And then promptly at around 10am I find myself pulling my sweater out to throw on.  The body has adjusted to the cool environment and my bring on the heat mentality kicks back into gear.  Come afternoon, it is only a matter of time before I turn on the heater that resides underneath my desk.  I will never understand why every single office has two temperatures – scolding hot to the point working is not option and everyone should just go home to be productive OR Alaskan cold to the point where we consider bringing blankets to work because it is a necessary accessory to keep warm.

So my solution is that we all move to an island and have outside offices.  No one would need a fan or a heater.  If you get hot, you take a dip in the pool.  If you get cold, you take a dip in the hot tub.  Every office would have a retractable roof in case of inclement weather.  Then if it rains, we can have cover.  The employee morale would be instantly boosted and the positive attitudes would be overwhelming.  Yeah mon.  Working remotely never sounded so good.

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