Mr. (Dr.) Right

Linking up with Medical Mondays (a day late but that’s allowed because it was a holiday yesterday).  I can’t believe it’s already September.

Now I know we all love our significant others and think the world of them. I am typically a believer in keeping it on the hush rather than shouting it from the rooftops in an effort to not make those less fortunate feel bad if they don’t have a great beau.  So here is a warning: please note what follows in this post might make you gag as I brag about Mr. Dr. for a minute.  I am going against my better judgement so skip reading this one if you don’t care to be enlightened.  Here it goes.  I sometimes think he is too perfect.  Let me list the reasons why.

1. The scholar-athlete awards he received in high school and college are countless…like excerpts of them from papers and online couldn’t all fit on a spread of a scrapbook I made him years ago.
2. In the first month I met him, he got a ‘B’ on a paper and set up a meeting with his professor to find out why he didn’t receive an ‘A’. Come to find out, it was his first ‘B’ ever in college.
3. He never got grounded in high school for being a rebellious party animal. (Was I the only one?? It’s normal to experiment and get in trouble for things like that in high school right?) He claims he never drank at a party until college.  What a sober saint.  My parents would have had a much easier 4 years if he was living under their roof circa my high school days.  While I was stellar in many areas of life growing up and almost always the perfect child, I also excelled in pushing the envelope with everything and succeeded in boiling my parents’ blood a few weeks (at least) out of every year.
4. He is the best gift giver ever. From Legally Blonde Broadway tickets to Louboutins and weekend getaway trips, he has always been pretty creative and on point.  I might say that the gifts have gotten slightly less unique over the last 2 years but I blame the lack of preparation time residency has allowed. And maybe, just maybe he is saving it all up for a big 3-0 surprise.
5. He likes to cuddle.  Not only that, when I don’t want to cuddle, he willingly (most nights) gives me 75% of the bed and in turn sleeps on the edge of his side of the bed because he knows I have a little fear that I might fall out of the bed if I don’t sleep practically in the middle.  The bottom line here is that we need a king size bed.
6. He likes to drink as much as I do.
7. He likes to eat as much as I do.
8. He watches chick flicks because deep down he likes them, and he watches all of my guilty pleasure TV.
9. He is more driven than my 2006 Toyota with almost 100,000 miles on it.  The boy has ambition like I have never seen.  I hope our kids pick up that trait.
10. He loves me.  A lot.

Mr. Dr. prides himself on doing ‘the right thing.’  In fact this has actually caused disagreements between us in the past.  He is the guy that takes favors and asks for none in return, always raises his hand when someone is looking for a volunteer, goes above and beyond even when it’s not necessary because ‘it’s just the right thing to do’ so he says.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doing the right thing.  I just do the wrong thing probably 50% of the time so I think it balances out fine.  We aren’t perfect.  But he seems to be inching closer towards it than me.  Except when his stubbornness comes out.  Then he goes from hero to zero.  Or when he forgets that the dishwasher is right next to the sink.  Or when he doesn’t call people back for days.  Or when he procrastinates.  Or when he eats cans of tuna right before I get home – ugh – I can’t stand that smell.  So obviously there is an “annoying things” list that I have developed for him but that comes with almost 10 years of knowing someone.

Sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and send some kudos to the way of our hardworking suitors and remember why they are our Mr. Right.  And lucky for me, the “annoying list” contains all things we can work on.  Good thing we have a lifetime together to do it.

4 thoughts on “Mr. (Dr.) Right

  1. It’s nice to read about other people’s almost-pefect husbands. I would hate to think I was the only one with a guy like that:-) Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays!

  2. I can completely relate!! However, I am madly jealous over #5 & 8!! Doc H get 75% of the bed, the dog gets 20% and I get the las 5% (which amounts to a sliver of the mattress). And chic flicks? Forget about it! Oh well, I’ll take the gifts he gets me over a chic flick any day!!! :)
    Thanks for linking up!!!

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