Hand Surgery Rotation = Done

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We are done with the first rotation of 3rd year.  I must say, I am liking 3rd year so far.  Dare I bite my tongue on that one?  It was a smooth 2 months.  Mr. Dr. was on a hand surgery rotation which had some great perks like no overnight weekday call and a week of vacation.

The only really bad thing I can say about it is that summer is now coming to a close.  While I love when rotations go by quickly, I loathe the fact that cold weather is right around our little corner.  Most people get excited about “boot weather” and throwing on their favorite sweater but to me that just means, in a few short months my puffy winter coat has to come out.  Yuck.  Until then I am enjoying the last couple weeks of warm weather.  End of summer into early fall is one of our favorite times to be in the NYC because the weather is perfect and the outdoors are pretty.

A couple of observations from this past rotation:
-Mr. Dr. can now probably do a carpal tunnel syndrome surgery in his sleep.
-Hand surgeons almost never have in-patients, most surgeries are out-patient = minimal days of morning rounds = a little extra daily sleep.
-Hand surgeries are generally pretty quick.
-I got told I looked really tan over the last two months which means I have had ample time in the sun = vitamin D is a good thing.
-Having a week off at the end of the summer is a really nice way to bring the summer to a close and kick off the upcoming season.

We have moved onto a trauma rotation.  Lots of 24 hour call and lots of longer days ahead.  But I am going to take the positive energy from the last 2 months and keep the happy mentality moving forward for as long as I can on the heels from this past rotation.  Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “Hand Surgery Rotation = Done

  1. Congrats on another rotation done! You aren’t crazy to think 3rd year is better. My husband said 2nd year was by far the worst. By 3rd year they can load off some of the grunt work on the lower level residents!

  2. I am totally with you on the puffy coats… I have to wear it even in my house, so I better get a cute one this year with extra padding. Good luck with the next rotation!

  3. I never cease to be amazed at how quickly time passes. A sure sign I am getting older! Congratulations on finishing the first rotation of 3rd year!

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