Centipeding Along

It’s October Medical Monday for those of you visiting from the linkup.  Quick intro for the newbies – we are PGY3 in ortho and we live in NYC.  I don’t work in medicine, but I support my hard working hubby who does.  We were driving back recently from a nice weekend away visiting family, and thoughts ran through my head about how the first 2 years of residency felt like they went by sooo slow.  It almost felt like we were never going to make it to 3rd year.  It felt so far away.  The reality is we are almost half way done residency come December.  So I know we are making progress but sometimes the inching along feels like centimeters.

I didn’t feel that way about the first 2 years of medical school.  I felt like I blinked and they were over.  It could be because during med school we were fresh in a new city, new life and new beginnings.  Now we have 6 years in the city under our belts, Mr. Dr. regularly has crow’s feet around his eyes from sleep deprivation and I am knocked up.  I guess when you sum it up like that it seems like a lot has happened since we started the medicine journey.  And while a lot has happened, residency is every bit as tumultuous as I expected, and at times worse.  I have already seen an improvement for him 3 months into his 3rd year but it’s still residency and it’s still a doozy.  There are parts that have gotten better and parts that have gotten tougher.  As I write this I find myself in an anti-residency mindset.  I haven’t felt this anti in a while.  Maybe it’s the hormones or maybe it’s that I am entitled to feel this way every so often and that’s OK too.  Maybe it’s a bit of anxiety knowing we are welcoming our first child into this world in a few months.  Maybe it’s because his call schedule sucks at the moment.  Maybe it’s D. all of the above.  Probably.

But even though I’m having an anti moment, I never lose sight of the fact that we are actually gravitating towards the end.  It’ll come, just in a few years.  It feels like I’ll be extra wrinkly by then and we might have 3 kids living in a 1 bedroom apartment when it comes but it will get here.

I also found myself pondering what I want in my future dream home recently.  I realized I have no freaking clue.  I know nothing more than my tiny apartment and concrete outdoor space.  I currently base my idealistic dream home on what I see on HGTV and what I dislike and love about our families’ houses.  I’m going to start making a list and as ideas pop into my head I will just write it down so I don’t lose sight.  But then again, in 10 years when we might actually be building our first home, that stuff will be outdated.  So perhaps I shouldn’t waste my time.  Maybe I’ll stick to big ideas for now and no specifics.  Yes, that’s what I’ll do.

8 thoughts on “Centipeding Along

  1. Thanks for linking up with Medical Monday’s! Ah, the dream house. Go ahead and start collecting ideas both big and small. If you like it today there is a good chance that you will like some of it later. Having said that in 10 years some trends will have changed and others will be born. No harm in dreaming:-)

  2. Oh girl, it’s more than ok to be having an anti-residency moment! I had more than my fair share of those. And third year is no joke. While they’re no longer a junior resident, they are taking on a lot more responsibility. Once 4th year started, I felt like it was a different ball game. It got so much easier, mainly because he got more weekends and holidays off. As for the dream home thing, I don’t really like to think about it too much either. It gets so overwhelming! And the reality is that the first house we buy won’t be a build it from the ground up dream home anyway! But just in case, I do a lot of pinning on Pinterest ;) Happy Medical Mondays!

  3. Anti-residency moment??? VERY OKAY!!! Sometimes, even okay to have an anti-doctor’s wife moment!!! We all have our moments and, believe me, we are entitled to them!! ;) Luckily, they are just moments and pass quickly.
    Thank you so much for linking up with us for Medical Monday!

  4. You are definitely entitled to anti-residency moments. I’m currently having anti-residency program moments, so at least you have the hormones to blame if there is a problem with having these ;) stopping by from MM!

  5. Have to say, I feel you on the house-front. I have 14 months to grad, then two years of internship, and then during the third community service year we might consider getting married.

    He talks about ideas for a nice house, and what he wants to do for the wedding (yes, really!) and I struggle to see beyond the next few weeks.

    I hope you’ll feel less anti – I can guarantee your husband feels it often too, so don’t feel bad. You guys are close to the “end” – hang tight :)

  6. just visiting from medical mondays! although my husband hasn’t entered residency yet (he’s a 4th year), i can relate to so much of what you have written. including the being knocked up part!! best of luck, I look forward to reading more.

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