Orthopedic Trauma Rotation = Done

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Another 2 months have passed and we are another rotation down.  Today marks Mr. Dr. being complete with his 3rd year trauma rotation at the public hospital in NYC.  I am really glad this one is over.  It’s been a doozy.  Lots of 24 hour call (if only it were really only 24 hours), lots of nights alone for Mrs. Dr. and lots of time spent trying to catch up on rest which always seems like an uphill battle for the poor doc.  The good news is that with this one under our belts, he only has one more rotation where he has in-house 24 hour call EVER.  It just so happens to be when I am 9 months pregnant in Jan/Feb but I’m trying to look beyond that and see the positive that will come from it.  As of March 2014 he will finally have no more 24 hour stints of having to be in the actual hospital.  Rather, it will be home call which will be a nice change…well I think.  I guess that could be just as rough but the mere fact that he doesn’t have to be somewhere unless he is summoned to go in just sounds better for a call schedule.  I mean, isn’t that why they phrase it “being on call” anyway ;).

Here are a couple of observations from the last 2 months:
-As one might expect in this city, rather than the majority of trauma accidents being car related, NYC residents are more likely to come into the ER as a result of other fatalities such as pedestrian hits, reckless bike injuries or even unfortunate skateboarding incidents. I’m surprised I didn’t hear a scooter story out of Mr. Dr. this block.
-Trauma stories can definitely be sad but after some of the stuff I heard from Mr. Dr. I can totally make sense of the Grey’s Anatomy characters when they fight over certain surgeries. Despite that a bad outcome could happen, thinking from their perspective, some of the trauma surgeries sound really appealing and keep these residents on their toes, which hopefully is twofold: making them better trained and keeping them interested even after 20 hours of no sleep.
-My belly is a growing. 75% of my closet officially doesn’t fit anymore and onto maternity clothes I go. I have some really cute ones that I am actually looking forward to wearing though.

Also, appearing in the last month is a new addition to our bed.  The Snoogle has become my new favorite toy.  It has changed my sleeping repertoire for the better and I now can’t imagine my zzz’s without it.  I don’t really know why or how it has helped me sleep that much better but it just has.  It was recommended to me by a couple of different friends who used it when they were pregnant and I thought it was a more of a luxury item than what I probably would have needed.  Well friends, if you’re pregnant, get this body pillow.  It’s nothing short of amazing.

Our next rotation is Sports Medicine and I am hoping it’s a good one for Mr. Dr.  He deserves a little bit of a break after the last 2 months.  Ha.  Yeah right.  Wish us luck.

5 thoughts on “Orthopedic Trauma Rotation = Done

    • Thanks Chrissie! I am looking forward to hearing about what he thinks after this one…I know it has peaked his interest as a strong sub-specialty candidate so we will see.

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