Baby L’s Gender Reveal

While I know gender reveal parties are all the rage these days for expectant parents, we did not partake in such an event for our little one.  First off my mom was like what the heck is a gender reveal party?  Just recently I gave her a synopsis of some of the things we were registering for and she gasped at the prices for some of the items.  Grandma has a lot to learn :).  It’s 30 years later and times are a changing.  Especially when you live in NYC and have to figure out a way to comfortably fit your child in 650 square feet.

For baby L’s gender reveal I knew that I wanted to do something cute to tell our families but I wasn’t sure what.  Add this to the list of challenges of being pregnant hours away from loved ones.  Part of why I didn’t want to have a gender reveal party was because it would be missing key participants, aka: our families.  So we did our own makeshift gender reveal and the idea was provided by my baby basket.   Remember the cards I get to open for milestones throughout my pregnancy?  Well the gender reveal certainly was one of them.  We had to wait until the next day to open the gender reveal card because Mr. Dr. was on call the day prior over night.  Here is what the card looked like:

Baby boy 2

So cute right?  So we did exactly what the card told us to do to reveal to our families.  We blew up the balloon of the corresponding gender and Mr. Dr. wore a matching polo shirt.  I facetimed our families (thank God for technology) and turned the camera around so they could see him holding the balloon with his matching outfit.  It was a really cute reveal via electronic devices and I’m happy that if we couldn’t do the reveal in person we at least were able to see and capture their emotions through my IPAD.  Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a photo of him with the balloon but it was absolutely perfect.

Flashback to the previous day.  It figures the day I find out the gender Mr. Dr. is on a 24 hour call.  So when I found out, I called him and when he asked about the gender I said I wasn’t sharing such big news over the phone and that he had to make himself available for 5 minutes for me to come down to the hospital and tell him in person.  He wasn’t happy that I was making him wait but it was so worth it to do it in person.  I dressed up in black pants, a black hoodie and walked on down to meet him.  My back was facing him, and when he walked out of the hospital, I turned around and this was how I greeted him :).

Baby boy 1

It was a really, really sweet moment and he was thrilled as expected.  So there you have it folks, baby L is a boy and we are ecstatic to welcome him in.

6 thoughts on “Baby L’s Gender Reveal

  1. omg! So adorable! How exciting:) I love how you are including your family every step of the way. I had my baby girl 3 weeks ago and it’s been wonderful. If you have any questions about what the first days are like, let me know.

  2. Congratulations, our first was a boy too! They should be good big brothers:-) I love the baby basket and the way you revealed the gender to your family and your husband. Good for you making him hear it in person! Yeah, for baby boys!

  3. Congrats! What a cute idea I love it! It really makes me want to have one now so I can do a cute reveal ;) Ill talk to my husband tonight ha. Stopping over from Medical Mondays. So excited for you guys and the baby BOY!

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