Cyber Medical Monday

Linking up with Medical Monday on this Cyber Monday.  Two things I love, medicine and shopping.  Ha.  Jusssst kidding.  While I do think one day I will use the word love to describe how I feel about medicine, the “L” word is certainly not in my vocabulary for it this year.  The only word beginning with “L” I’ve used to describe medicine in recent months has been loathe but enough of the debbie downer talk.  There is no time for that today.  There is shopping to do people.  So go out there in cyber space and get your deals.  Unless you are still in a food coma from Thanksgiving turkey.  I ate so much turkey I couldn’t even have leftovers the next day.  Successful Thanksgiving meal?  I think so.

I will definitely be partaking in Cyber Monday shopping this year because #1 I haven’t done a drop of shopping yet, and #2 my time leading up to Christmas will be limited to get out and fight the crowds.  Therefore, I will be taking advantage of today to fulfill some gift needs.  So fill that cart and happy shopping.

2 thoughts on “Cyber Medical Monday

  1. I got some killer deals around thanksgiving but unfortunately they were all purchases for me lol. I need to start my Xmas shopping for my friends and fam stat apparently. Hopping over from medical Mondays :)

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