Happy New Year/Apartment

Wow.  I feel like I have temporarily fallen off the map for the last few weeks.  To say we have had a lot going on is probably an understatement.  The last 10 days alone have been a whirlwind of traveling to see family, having family visit, celebrating Mr. Dr.’s day of birth, Christmas and this just in as of about 30 days ago which I haven’t even had to time to share with you…we are moving.  Unexpectedly yes.  We had decided we wanted to stay in our apartment for another year and make this cute little one bedroom that we love so much work with the baby for a while and then see where it took us.

Well turns out our landlords are moving back from their stint in Europe and had plans to move back into the apartment once our lease expired which happens to be March 1st.  This baby in my belly is due a week before that so that did not appear to be ideal timing for us to move.  Luckily, we have some understanding landlords…who we have never met except virtually over email…and they allowed us to move out earlier and terminate the lease if we wished.  So that is what we decided to do.  Potentially moving while potentially being in the hospital holding a newborn did not seem like that right thing to do.  That and I was having a slight panic attack at the thought of moving while experiencing contractions.

Anyway, we agreed to January 1st which meant finding an apartment in 30 days.  Unless you have lived in NYC it’s really hard to understand the ins, outs and tricks of the trade of finding an apartment here.  It’s stressful, it consumes your life for that short time and the options are endless.  But finding the right apartment usually feels impossible because it either doesn’t fit in the budget, or isn’t in the area you want, or is too small (well every apartment here is small but I mean realllly small), or it is too old or the building is crappy.  The list goes on.

In the midst of searching, we got thrown a bone.  An apartment became available through residency housing.  It is in the neighborhood we wanted, it is a one bedroom, it is about the same size and it is less expensive than any other apartment we could get on our own.  In residency, that’s really the driving factor.  And voila, it’s ours.  So despite, the quick turn around there was a silver lining when that apartment opened up.  So today we are moving into our new apartment.  We will ring in the new year with boxes, bubble wrap and bubbly (maybe sparkling cider for myself) and start preparing the apartment for baby L’s arrival in 2 months or whenever he decides to come.

It has been an exciting year and while I was excited to do a fun recap of what 2013 brought us, that just hasn’t happened yet due to the last month of craziness that has swept through our life.  So hopefully I get to that soon.  For now,  I am looking forward to a new beginning in a new apartment with our new family come early 2014.  And while I am sad to leave the apartment we loved so much, I believe this new chapter and new space happened for a reason for us as most things do and I am looking forward to the fun times it will bring.  Here’s to 2014!  From one NYC family to yours….

December 2013

December 2013


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year/Apartment

  1. You look so good :) Can’t believe your due date is coming up so quickly! Good call with the move one of my friends moved into her new house the week after she had the baby and couldn’t help unpack because of well… the newborn and the C-section!

    Happy New Year, it looks like 2014 is going to be wonderful for you!

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