2014 Medical Monday

Happy first blog post in 2014 and happy first Medical Monday linkup.  For those that are new to me and my blog, we are PGY3 in Ortho, living in NYC, and are expecting our first in February.  Mr. Dr. and I are currently working on settling into the new apartment but it’s proving to be a challenge.  We have lived in 6 different apartments over the last 6.5 years of living here so one would think we have gotten really good at the moving game.  In some ways we have and in others each move brings a new set of hurdles.  For example, every apartment we have lived in has had a different type of layout which means we have to get creative with every space we live in to fit all of our things properly.

This apartment has about the same amount of square footage as our previous apartment but totally different storage space so I am really struggling with making things fit.  I think in part its because I know we have more “stuff” than we normally do, thanks to the little man that will be added to our family next month.  Up until now, I have just kept his things in a corner in our bedroom.  That corner definitely had spillover next to my side of the bed.  So now, trying to make sure we allow enough space for his things is my biggest challenge.  I am trying to plan it out before he makes his entrance so that we are ready to go when he comes home.  People say babies don’t come with a lot for the first year or so but I beg to differ.  The stroller alone takes up what feels like a 1/4 of our living room.  I officially have to find a new place to fit his clothes because all of our drawers and closets are maxed out to accommodate myself and Mr. Dr.  That is also with 5 full bags sent to the thrift store later.

I know we will figure it all out but settling in does take time and 8 months pregnant…well I find myself a little antsy.  It doesn’t help that Mr. Dr. needs to be around to help with most things because I can’t go crazy trying to risk my body standing on things to put stuff away or decorate, or lift anything too heavy.  But he’s a resident so his hours at home are few and far between at the moment.  I am doing my best to manage and organize where I can on my own but I do look forward to the times we are both home together to try and nest.  Below is a picture from the day we moved in and that’s just the living room.  The bedroom was just as bad.  I swear it’s better almost a week later but trust me, it’s been an undertaking.  Hopefully I will have some photos to share in a couple of weeks once things start to look a little more like home.

Moving Picture

6 thoughts on “2014 Medical Monday

  1. Hey Amy! Thanks for linking up with medical mondays! We just moved out of NYC after the husband graduated residency. As tough as the east coast was I do miss living in the city quite a bit. Feel free to email me to chat about NY and I can hook you up with some wives out there too :) I saw that you were in Nashville recently too-thats where we are located for the next 6 months-let me know if you come back down!

  2. Thanks for being a constant in our MM line up:-) Congratulations on the new apartment! You are brave to tackle that and a new baby on the way, you are right they do take up more space than you would think so I am glad you will have more room. I can’t believe it is almost time.

  3. Visiting from Medical Mondays.
    I hate moving, so I feel your pain. We have moved 4 times in the last 5 years, which is not as many as you, but I feel the moving and new layout pain. But it must be double challenging expecting a new baby (congratulations). Good luck with the settling in.

  4. I can’t believe the baby is only a month away!!! Can’t wait to hear all about his arrival! I hope your able to get the apartment settled before his arrival. Stay warm!!! Thanks for linking up and Happy 2014!

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