I have a roommate.  It’s a man.  He is only around every other night.  Which is kind of nice because I get a lot done that I have been putting off for a while.  But it’s also lonely after a while too.  When he is around, he is either sleeping or looks like he is sleep walking.  I see his wardrobe closet go untouched for days unless I do laundry and put things away for him.  The beer in the fridge doesn’t diminish because he is barely around to drink the alcohol a preggo girl can’t.  The food in the pantry stays in tact until the occasional peanut butter & jelly sandwich is made before he passes out upon arriving home every couple of days.  His phone charger sits in the corner of the room untouched, as does his contact solution in the bathroom.

I leave our tidy living space in the morning looking bright and clean, and I come home from work and it looks the same as it did when I left.  The next morning I wake up, and I am still the only one who has resided in our little space.  Our home is eerily clean.  No scrubs or shoes occupying random areas of the floor, no empty cups in the sink and no weird folded papers with chicken scratch on them sitting on the table.

Most people would enjoy having a low maintenance roommate like mine.  But when it’s your husband, you feel a little different.

Yes, my roommate is my husband.  The occasional body next to me in bed, the occasional company I have some evenings on the couch, the occasional dining partner a few days a week.  He has been working so much I really do feel like he is just a roommate I occasionally see in passing.  The last two weeks have been especially bad and the next couple weeks will be better but this latest stretch has reminded me again why it’s so important to have good friends and family around to be the companions you need when medicine takes over.  I am lucky to have that.  And I guess I am lucky to still have some cuddling every other night to reassure me that my roommate is also my loving husband.

8 thoughts on “Roommate

  1. Pretty soon you’ll have another roommate to snuggle with…Baby L will be here in no time! Your strength amazes me – you’re going to be an awesome Mom. :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean by those weird folded pieces of paper! My husband scatters them all over his desk. What is all that about? Is that a surgery thing? Hang in there!

  3. Oh no :( I understand where you’re coming from our marriage has felt like that sometimes and being married to medicine only makes it worse. My advice though is try not to let him feel like a roommate. He’s exhausted I totally get it but make sure you still spice things up in everyday life…date nights, special dinners, movie nights in, checking out a new place together in town you’ve never been, or just relaxing at home making cookies or talking. Anything to break the cycle and remind each other that you’re not just roommates.

  4. I can definitely relate to this post! This was what it was like for me right after we got married, so I called it intro to marriage since my new husband was only around every other night. Hang in there!!

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