Medical Monday Bump Update

It’s about time I give a bump update.  I am 37 weeks today.  It’s hard to believe I only have 3 weeks to go until the full 40.  It really has gone by fast.  I must admit that I have had a pretty smooth (knock on lots of wood) pregnancy so far and for that I feel very lucky.  Baby L is the size of a watermelon and weighing in over 6 lbs.  He was cute as a button on the ultrasound a couple of weeks ago but it looked as if he was taking up my entire mid section.  He is head down and already in great position except for the fact that now I know why I have been feeling some serious pelvic pressure down below.  His sweet little head has most likely been using my bladder and pelvis as a pillow.  He moves all the time and it’s fun to feel him even if its a harsh kick or a punch.  I love feeling him move.  It’s probably the best part of pregnancy.

Food aversions?  Happy to say none.  Cravings?  I have really enjoyed chocolate chip muffins and pancakes over the last several months.  Carbs have been my best and favorite friend.  Pizza was a big desire in the beginning.  I have really enjoyed gummy snacks.  And to my surprise, I have much more of a sweet tooth than I ever, ever had in the past.  I think that must be because I am a housing the sweetest of little men inside of me ;).

I am now heading to the doctor weekly as I could go into labor anytime since I am officially full term.  But I got the impression from last week’s visit, she thought we still had a little bit of time before he makes his debut.  I am not dilated yet so he must be pretty comfortable in there.  Here is a fun bump pic update since I haven’t really shared any photos of myself yet.  What a transformation it’s been.  It’s hard to believe my body ever looked like it did at 12 weeks…

Bump Pic

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  1. Already 37 weeks! That went by really fast for me. Best of luck on these last few weeks. I loved being pregnant almost as much as I like holding newborns.

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