Super Bowl Boulevard NYC Style

It’s Super Bowl week here in NYC.  Last year, I had the privilege of watching my Ravens clinch the Lombardi Trophy.  It was really exciting.  If you remember, I indulged in purple cocktails and laid low in the apartment so I could actually watch the game.

Like most people (chicks), I usually enjoy watching the game as much as I do the food, drink, halftime show and commercials.  I am actually pretty excited for Bruno Mars this year.  I think he will be great.  Such an entertainer.  Working in broadcast advertising makes Super Bowl extra fun to watch too.  In the past few years I have noticed some serious letdown on the commercial front.  Only one or two have really stood out and remained top of mind after the game.  Hopefully this year’s ads are a bit more memorable.

Last year Super Bowl was great because of the Ravens, but this year Super Bowl is pretty cool because it’s taking place where I live!  And for the first time, it’s going to be played outdoors in a cold weather city.  As of now, there is no snow in the forecast but let me tell you…it has been a brutal winter here in NYC.  It has been absolutely frigid and temperatures have been in the single digits all too often.  Of course now the forecast has it in the upper 40s for Sunday which is going to feel like bikini weather compared to how it’s been.  Maybe I will go strut around in my two piece, belly and boobs out.  I should actually try and throw on one of my bikinis right now.  It might give Mr. Dr. and I both a good laugh.

I would have loved to go to the Super Bowl this year but getting tickets was like getting tickets to meet the president.  So the next greatest thing is what they have created here called Super Bowl Boulevard.  From Times Square to Herald Square on Broadway Avenue, they have dedicated NFL & Super Bowl coverage 24/7.  There are games, photo opps with the Lombardi Trophy, past and present NFL players everywhere you turn, a huge countdown clock, lots of memorabilia and what’s really exciting is that ESPN is broadcasting live outside of my office in Herald Square all day, every day this week.  You name it – their morning show, their daytime show and their evening shows with all of the big kahuna broadcasters.

Superbowl BLVD

I am such a jaded New Yorker.  ESPN has been camped outside since last Sunday and I, just this morning for the first time, went to go check it out.  Here is Mike & Mike (ESPN’s morning show) broadcasting live from right in front of the Macy’s in Herald Square.  I am sure your husbands know them if you don’t :).

Mike & Mike

Mike & Mike 2

It’s pretty cool to have so much excitement surrounding us but I really can’t believe how I barely blink or stop in my tracks to take it all in.  It is so funny how when you live in a place like this, your perception of what’s normal changes.  I pass the Empire State building everyday on my walk to work.  To me, it’s just another building that has a lot of people going in and out and a lottttt of tourists standing outside of it.  I actually avoid the block it’s on whenever possible.  But to a lot of other people, it’s a landmark that some people only read about or see pictures of and wish that one day they could see in person.  I am definitely going to have culture shock when I leave this city – no matter where we end up!

One thought on “Super Bowl Boulevard NYC Style

  1. Have so much fun enjoying the Super Bowl in your city! Jeff and I had a blast last year when it was in New Orleans. Such a good time! I heard there were actually a lot of tickets left over this year though? Not sure if that is true. But still SO expensive! Have a great weekend!

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