10 Years

This winter marks the 10th year Mr. Dr. and I have known each other.  10 whole years.  It feels like such a long time when you say it aloud.  What’s crazy is that from the start of med school till the end of fellowship, the training journey will be the same amount of time.  10 whole years.  I think back to meeting him in the athletic training room in November of 2003 at college.  He was nursing a sprained ankle, a really bad sprained ankle.  I, too, was nursing a sprained ankle…that never really turned black or blue, was only a little swollen and was probably better after some icing and r&r.  He was a baseball player and I was a soccer player but we had never met.  I thought he was cute so, using the trainer as a matchmaker, I asked if he could show me the ankle exercises for treating a sprain.  We spent the rest of the afternoon together nursing our ankles back to health and getting to know each other.  My ankle was better after about 48 hours but I milked every last minute of rehab absolutely needed weeks of recovery just like he did in order to ensure a proper heal…

After a few weeks of training room bonding and a memorable baseball house Hawaiian party, he asked me out to dinner.  I’ll never forget I saw his roommates at a party a week after our first date and his friend said to me, “What have you done to him?  The night of your date was the first time I saw him iron a shirt.”

Our relationship has evolved more than any one relationship I have ever known.  Truly.  We have gone from having an immature, not so sensible relationship in our undergrad days to a fulfilling, healthy relationship 10 years later.  We have experienced highs together like how you feel when you are on a roller coaster creeping up to the top excited for the exhilarating drop.  We have experienced lows together that seem like they are beyond the roots of a huge tree trunk dug deep into the ground for hundreds of years.  And in between we have gotten through blizzards, monsoons, tornadoes – both the real weather kind and the figurative “life” kind.  The day we got married there was a tornado watch and it was actually a monsoon with torrential rain.  Perhaps when baby boy decides to debut it will be a blizzard.  That would only be fitting but maybe likely considering the brutal winter we have had up here.

As we get ready to welcome our son into this world, I can’t help but reflect on the time Mr. Dr. and I have shared together over the last 10 years.  Thanks to a baseball career followed by a medical one, he has made the “time spent together” part quite memorable as in…a lot less than the average couple.  Hmmm was this his plan?  Maybe he takes that absence makes the heart grow fonder phrase too literally.  So in terms of appreciating the actual minutes and hours we do have together, for the most part I think we have both succeeded.  The most exciting part about our relationship now is that the best is yet to come.  In just a short couple of weeks we will be blessed with a growing family, and in just a short couple of years we will be moving on from residency into a new chapter.  So while these last 10 years have been a fun adventure, I am even more so looking forward to the next 10.  There is so much more excitement to come our way.

This gem of a picture has always been one of our favorites from when we first started dating and we still currently have it sitting out in our apartment even after all these years.  We used to be so young and sprightly.

About 8 years ago in the Outer Banks when Mr. Dr. was playing baseball there for a summer. Look at those frosted blonde tips - we were such college kids!

About 8 years ago in the Outer Banks when Mr. Dr. was playing baseball there for a summer. Look at those frosted blonde tips and the conch shell necklace – we were such college kids!

5 thoughts on “10 Years

  1. Oh I love this Amy!! Congratulations – 10 years is huge! The evolution of a relationship is the most incredible experience. Wishing you all the best over the next 10! xo

  2. So cute! Fellow Drs wife here and we are coming up on 8 years. It’s been such a journey through med school, residency and fellowship but so worth it. Congrats on your almost newest edition! So excited for you guys :)

  3. This is too cute!! Congrats on 10 years!! My hubby and I just celebrated our 10 year dating anniversary in March. You too have been along for the whole journey :) Can’t wait to see pics of the new baby!!

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