Hats Off To The Senior

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With being completely consumed by baby, time has flown by. Even though I am awake MUCH more during the day AND at night than I was before, if you have a newborn you know that time goes by quickly. So quickly that the last time I sat and thought about Mr. Dr.’s schedule was in February. If you remember, he was finishing 24 hour in house call for the last time ever right before baby G was born. Well here we are in the last day of June. In house call has been done 4 months and it has been glorious. Truly glorious. I love knowing he is coming home to us every night. But on top of that, he has also finished his last 2 rotations as a PGY3. This is very exciting and not until recently did it occur to me that we can now actually look forward to the true back half of residency. I still don’t reallllllly see the light at the end but it’s getting closer. It’s now a dim glimmer as opposed to complete darkness. And instead of inching along these last few months I would say we have been yard sticking along considering I skipped over 2 ‘end of a rotation’ posts in April and May and didn’t even think twice about it.

Like a lot of my other fellow doctor’s wives out there, July is always an exciting time for us. It marks the end of a year. Mr. Dr. is now a senior resident which in medicine terms is a nice accomplishment. He has finally started to be able to enjoy the more pleasant aspects of ortho residency like actually performing the surgeries as opposed to just stitching skin and doing all of the ‘pay your dues’ grunt work. Of course he still has that to some extent but it’s lessened as the months continue to come and go. I am excited for him and for us as we enter into his 4th year. I hope these next 2 years go as fast as everyone says they do.

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