Mrs. AAD At Your Service

Mr. Dr. happens to enjoy the fact that I am not in anyway associated with the medical field except for being AAD.  No it’s not a disease and it’s not to be confused with ADD.  AAD stands for ‘Almost A Doctor’.  Now I must give credit where it is due.  One of his Aunt’s friends coined this term but it couldn’t be more perfect.  For her, she has had so many surgeries and seen so many doctors that she feels like she knows almost as much as her doctors from being a patient so many times.  For me, although Mr. Dr. does all of the dirty work in the relationship I feel like being the supportive, loving wife that I am has to count for something.  So really, “we” graduated medical school, and “we” are a 2nd year resident and “we” are on our way to becoming an attending physician.  In fact, feel free to call me Mrs. AAD if you prefer.  I have learned quite a bit through being the right hand (wo)man throughout med school and a year of residency.  One would be surprised at just how much I know.  For example, I know there are four glasses of wine in a bottle, except if I pour, then there are only three.  I know the difference in taste between Greygoose, Kettle and Absolute.  I know that there is a place in NYC that has PBR on tap (I secretly like Pabst Blue Ribbon).  And I know the best place in the city to go for margaritas if you are considering having a night you won’t remember.  Not bad right?

Really though, I do feel like I know way more about the medical field than #1 I care to know and #2 I ever thought I would know.  I find what Mr. Dr. does pretty interesting, wayyyyy more than I ever thought I would, and enjoy hearing about the cool aspects of orthopedics and their surgeries.  Obviously there have been times I find myself searching for wet paint because I’d rather watch it dry than listen to the boring, medical jargon conversation that I sometimes get stuck in with Mr. Dr.’s fellow medical friends.  At least Mr. Dr. knows how much I can handle and how much I can’t when it comes to that kind of stuff.  I also am pretty good at digression so if I find myself caught in a conversation like that I cleverly shift to another topic like suggesting we go up to the bar and take a shot.  Works every time.

But I really do have so much respect for all the training that him and the other residents are going through.  And in addition to learning a thing or two about medicine, I have played the support role as best I can and will continue to do so for a few more years…until I can pick out my Ranger Rover.  Kiddddddding.  Well kind of ;)  I have been a fake patient for his studies, and a real patient (sadly) to him in the hospital.  I am there to tell him where he misplaced his stethoscope when he is absentminded and standing with open arms to give him a hug when he has a bad day.  I have listened to him recite practice test questions for hours before all of his board exams…and I even get some of them right!  I am there to boost his ego when he is feeling down and am there to open a beer for him when his nerves need calmed.  For now, I hope these little things at least show him a little bit of the whole lot that I care.  Mrs. AAD at your service, the doc is in.

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