Throughout their lives, most people make pretty big investments – like houses, cars, savings, stocks, the list goes on.  Well let’s see.  My car was a graduation gift from my parents in college – thanks mom & dad.  Mr. Dr. doesn’t have a car and since we live in NYC we can share one car more than comfortably.  So we have been lucky enough not to have to invest in a new car yet.  A house…well, I can assure you that we won’t be investing in one of those anytime soon.  If we did in NYC it would be a pentHOUSE of course.  HA.  Yeah right.  I dream.  There was a $100 million penthouse that just went on the market near Central Park.  Maybe I should put it on my Christmas list this year and see what kind of rise I can get out of Mr. Dr.  But even in our 650 square foot apartment our monthly rent payment is probably more than most of your mortgages so we got that covered.  I think I can sort of paint a picture in my head of what I might want our future house to look like one day but even that’s hard.  Our little apartment now is even ‘big’ for us.  No really it is.  For the last three years we lived in 500 square feet and only last year did we get a bedroom.  True statement.  Yes, you really learn fast if you can live with someone when you live in a studio apartment.  That’s true love people.

“What’s that hunny?  Oh you’re in a bad mood…rough day?  Don’t worry, I will just go hibernate in the other room and give you your space.  Oh wait, we don’t have another room so I will just go pee in the bathroom 5 ft away to give you your space.  Then maybe I’ll open the door and just step right into the kitchen to tidy up a bit.  I’m sure running the dishwasher across the room will give you some nice soothing background noise while you decompress on the bed.”

You may think that’s funny but that was our life.  The best part was Mr. Dr.’s 4am wake-up calls during his 4th year med school rotations and he was into drinking fresh homemade smoothies for breakfast.  Those were some super fun months for me.  Don’t worry, he got really kind and made sure to put a pillow over top of my ears right before pressing that blender button.  What a gentleman.  How sweet of him to walk those five steps over to the bed and save me from wanting to jump out the window.  Yeah that phase did not last too long.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the roaring blender noises at the butt crack of down, I’m not sure I preferred it over the roaring ambulance sirens outside of our window.  That’s why I didn’t jump out.  We lived above the hospital so I guess we were doomed from day one with the sirens but even 16 floors up those suckers were nonstop.  It was a no win situation.  OK ya know what?  I take it back.  I can picture our future house.  It’s with the bedroom as far away from the kitchen as possible.  In another wing even, with triple pane glass in all of our windows so that I can catch up on all of the sleep I have lost from living in this city.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all about the crazy late bar nights that NYC has to offer, but when it comes to sleep can’t you just leave a girl alone?  Nope.  Not when you’re married to a resident and not when you are living in NYC.  Fine.  I’ll suck it up.  After all, you only live once.

So back to investments…that rules out cars and houses for us at the moment.  Savings?  Ohhhhhhh yes, that extra money you are supposed to put away for your future.  Well that account hasn’t grown too much since moving here 5 years ago so we break about even there.  Stocks?  Well the money that would probably go into those on a monthly basis is being sucked out of our account by a vacuum called medical loan payments.  But if I did have a stock I could invest in, it would obviously be Greygoose.  But really who needs all of that other stuff when you have this…

Yours Truly, Mr. Dr.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, for now, this lovely Dr. is our investment (really mine at this point because I have stuck around for quite a while waiting for my dividend).  It would, of course, be nice to have all the other stuff too but I have a good life now and know that we are slowly creeping towards an even better one.  And one day hopefully I will be writing this blog from my triple pane windowed bedroom thanking my lucky stars that we made it through this journey together still in love, happy and somewhat sane.  I am certainly looking forward to it.

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