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I like fruit.  I like martinis.  So one might assume I like all fruity martinis.  Well this is not always the case.  I do like most of them.  But I feel like most fruity martinis tend to be on the sweeter side.  Typically I prefer more of a salty flavor than sweet.  This goes for cocktails and food.  For example, I prefer limoncello instead of dessert wine and a bag of chips instead of a piece of chocolate.  On this same note, although I enjoy a martini pre-din, during din and post-din, I don’t get the sweet itch that most people get for dessert, ie: I’d rather drink an espresso martini for breakfast than after dinner for dessert.  Ha.  No.  Get your minds out of the shaker.  I don’t really drink them for breakfast…but I do love a good shot of espresso vodka every once in a while and I don’t have a preference as to what hour of the day that happens.  Anyway, back to fruity martinis.  I’m going to share two that I have taken a big liking to in the last year.  Before you read on…yes most martinis I post about will be vodka related and yes my recipe suggestions probably go a tad overboard on the proper ratio of vodka to other ingredients but I don’t judge so please don’t judge me.  These are simply the Mrs. Dr. preferred recipes which are stronger than most, that’s all.

A sweet tart minus the sweet part: Pomegranate Martini (aka: Pomtini)

-Generous amount of Vodka
-3 Splashes of Pomegranate Juice
-1 Splash of Cointreau
-1 Splash of Lemon Juice
-Dash of Simple Syrup
-Garnish with Lemon twist

There are many variations on this martini such as using lime juice instead of lemon, using citrus vodka instead of regular, and using Triple Sec instead of Cointreau.  I like this martini because it’s tarty. I don’t love pomegranate fruit by itself but throw the juice in a cocktail and it’s pretty delicious.

A Fruity Underdog: Strawberry Basil Martini (aka: SBtini)

-Generous amount of Vodka
-3 Splashes of Strawberry Juice/Puree
-1 Splash of Lime Juice
-1 Splash of Simple Syrup
-Muddled up Basil Leaves (I already told you to invest in a muddler if you are going to attempt a homemade mojito)
-Garnish with a Strawberry/Basil Leaf

This martini is SO GOOD.  I know you are thinking…basil in a cocktail??  Yes friends…basil in a cocktail.  It actually is they key ingredient/compliment to the strawberry flavor in this drink.  I had one of these at a Steakhouse for the first time and it was love at first sip.  And recently I indulged in one during happy hour while watching the beautiful sunset bay side in Ocean City, MD.

Ocean City Sunset + SBtini = <3

This will certainly not be my only post about fruity martinis.  There are so many great ones out there (and not so great ones).  And the fall season is the perfect time to let yourself enjoy a fun fruity delight.  Feel free to share your favorites with me too.

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  1. eine frage ich bin eine kleine 10 järiges mädchen aus leipzig und will euch fragen wie viele einwohner deutschland hat kann mir jemand das sagen wen ja dann bitte gleich melden bei mir.

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