Champagne Problems

Mr. Dr. and I like to sometimes joke around about our life problems.  Actually that’s not totally true.  Sometimes I cry about our problems.  Other times, I laugh about them.  And then sometimes I just pray that one day I will buy a lottery ticket (I never do) and that might just be the day I win.  Win Big.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  Yes.  It would.  I think joking about our problems is somewhat therapeutic and keeps us from losing sanity.  But I must say Mr. Dr.’s laid back personality puts me at ease when I start to have my meltdowns.  Which is almost never…I swear I have been really good lately.  Although occasionally, I wish he wouldn’t be so nonchalant.  Nothing ever rattles him.  If you know us, then you know it’s a little like Energizer Bunny meets Joe Cool.  He’s gotten pretty good at knowing how to calm me down when I get into a frenzy.  But sometimes I secretly wish that he would throw his hands up in the air and freak out.  Like really freak out.  But it’s just never going to happen so for now I will continue to make sure I do it enough for the both of us.

Anyway, when push comes to shove, our problems are manageable.  They aren’t a matter of life or death and I think if we keep on living the way we do we will eat, drink and be merry for a very long time.  Unless I keep almost getting hit by cabs when I cross the street.  Sometimes those suckers come out of nowhere.  Mr. Dr. says pedestrian car accidents are pretty fatal in the city so I need to be careful.  That’s why I don’t wear headphones on my walk to work like most local New Yorkers.   Sorry I digress.  We were out to dinner with one of our friends recently and I think he said it best.  Champagne problems.  That’s what we have.  Us and all the people in our life that complain about the same crap we do.  We live in an amazing city, we have great friends and great families, we love each other more and more every day, we have good jobs, we have a nice roof over our heads, and we get to make cocktails whenever we want.  So what’s the problem???  The problem is we live in an amazing city but its super expensive.  Those great friends and family we don’t get to see often enough.  Yes we love each other but marriage is not always a breeze when one half is in residency.  Our jobs are fine but one of them has caused us to be in debt until we are old and wrinkled.  That nice roof over our head is pretty small and costs a lot more than most suburban home mortgages.  And the only thing that’s a problem with making cocktails whenever we want is that sometimes Mr. Dr.’s cocktail is warm by the time he gets home to it.

Sometimes these problems make us feel like we are in front of an oncoming tidal wave about to crash on us and we have nothing to do but swim right in.  Hmmm.  Actually I guess if it was a tidal wave of champagne it wouldn’t be that bad now would it?  But in reality, our problems are not bad ones to have.  In the grand scheme of things, it could be worse.  It could be a lot worse.  And we know that.  Besides, if we didn’t have anything to complain about then the little joys wouldn’t be as special.  And yes, even though the homeless guy I pass on the street walking home is monetarily richer than we are right now, thanks to med school (yes that is actually true due to our debt), we are so rich in so many other ways.  Our champagne problems are still problems but everyone has problems so if I had to choose, having a few that taste like champagne doesn’t sound so bad.

3 thoughts on “Champagne Problems

  1. What a nice blog you have! I enjoyed reading your post. I have never heard of that expression, but it sure is a good one! Champagne problems. As a receptionist married to a file clerk, I think I have “beer” problems… All good though, as you are right, there are always people who are worse off etc, in so many ways. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Jenny – you are so sweet. Glad you are enjoying the blog and thanks for the kinds words. I miss you! Hope all is well and would love to see you guys soon too :) xo

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