Bloodies 3

Oh-Em-Gee.  I gotta tell you – Mr. Dr. and I had a great experience in our most recent outing of the search for the “best” BM in the city.  We headed downtown to this spot that we found online and I’m so glad we did.  On the menu and what they are known for is a Cajun Bloody Mary.  We were intrigued.  We arrived at our destination.  Well we almost walked past the place because it is the biggest hole in the wall of a cafe you have ever seen.  No outside decor except a little sign that says EAT in big letters on the window.  Check it out.

Exterior of Great Jones Cafe

Now we were even more intrigued and quite frankly a bit skeptical.  I slyly sneaked a peek through the window to check out the scene before entering because I was nervous from the looks of the place.  To my surprise and I must say similar to a lot of great restaurants in the city, it was packed.  Tiny little spot but crowded as can be…which is always a great sign in NYC.  So we walked in and grabbed the last two seats left at the bar.  We immediately got a whiff of some southern cooking.  Turns out that was their forte.  I’m talking grits, cornbread, biscuits, gravy and a lot of other menu items that might make your heart stop.  So we passed on food but indulged in drinks.  After all, we were there for the Cajun Bloody Mary which we immediately spotted on the menu.  Now I was a little under the weather (hung over) so I opted for a draft beer.  I know, I know.  I once again did not follow suit (the last spot I got a champagne cocktail).  Oh well.  Moving on.  We ordered the Cajun BM and our jaws dropped as we watched the bartender make it.  Could it be?  It could and it was.  House-made vodka INFUSED with jalapenos.  What could be more cajun inspired than a handful of jalapenos marinating in a bottle of vodka??  Brilliant.  Just brilliant.  Add in a little Tabasco, celery, salt, pepper and tomato juice and there you have it – a deliciously spicy and true to the name – Cajun Bloody Mary.

– Cajun Bloody Mary at Great Jones Cafe

From the photo it doesn’t look like much – zero bells and whistles on this sucker.  But for what it lacks in design and presentation it makes up for in flavor.  It is every bit spicy and has a zestiness about it that you won’t forget.  It’s not too spicy, not too heavy and not too weak.  It’s just right.  I blame it’s success on the jalapeno infused vodka.  Not something I will try at home (yet) but it makes this cocktail worth heading downtown for if you are really in the mood.  Side note: we researched the proper marination time for attempting this at home and google tells us that it can be fully marinated to flavor after 3 days…in case you were wondering.  Anyway, I’m happy that the Cajun Bloody Mary lived up to expectations and gave the Zing Zang a run for it’s money.

What a little gem on a lonely street with an unwelcoming outside.  This is another perk of living in NYC.  Finding these treasures in an overpopulated city with an abundance of choices when it comes to food and drink is what I love most about going out to eat here.  We never would have thought twice about walking into this place if we had just been casually walking by on the block.  But now we know that it has one of the “best” bloodies we have had in the city to date.

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