An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Apple Martini (aka: Appletini)

-Generous amount of Vodka
-3 Splashes of Apple Juice or Apple Brandy
-1 Splash of Melon Liqueur or Sour Apple Pucker Shnapps
-1 Splash of Vermouth (OPTIONAL)
-Garnish with a Cherry

So maybe that’s why I don’t like appletinis – we all know the the last thing I need is to keep my Mr. Dr. away even more.  Anyway, I thought I’d have a little fun with this post.  I spend a lot of time talking about cocktails that I love but not a whole lot of time on the ones I could live without.  Well here you go.  I could totally live without this martini.  I like apples…so what is it about these things that just does not peak my interest or my taste buds? Here are my thoughts.

1. They are so sweet.  As you may have noticed, I don’t generally love sweet drinks so that is an obvious strike against it.
2. I associate the lime green color with slime so maybe the look adds to the unappeal.  Maybe I watched too much Double Dare growing up.  Remember that game show on Nickelodeon?  I was obsessed.  Watching people get slimed was so much fun.  But the moral of this point is: Lime green color…good for spring fashion, not as a cocktail.
3. I get that weird, need to wash my mouth out feeling after taking a sip.
4. I got pretty sick over sour apple puckers one night in the beginning of my drinking career and that may have just been the deciding factor on why an apple flavored cocktail still leaves a bad taste in my mouth (ick).
5. There are so many variations to the standard recipe out there that it immediately screams red flag.

Now, for those of you that pay close attention, you would know that one of the martinis in my homepage banner is in fact an appletini.  So while I admit I don’t love the taste, I do think it adds a nice touch of color and prettiness to the design.  Hence why it has a spot on the blog.  For those of you that like sweet cocktails I am sure you differ with me on this one as this is a popular drink that is certainly a fan favorite.  And I sure hope the next time you sip on that appletini it stays in the glass instead of “sliming” you.  In fact, drink all the appletinis you want because the more you drink the more it should keep you away from a doctor visit.  But in my case, whether I am just playing mind games with myself or not, I will steer clear and anxiously await the next home visit from my favorite doctor :)

Happy Friday!

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