Summer Olympics Looze Style

There are a million reasons to throw a party.  And what better reason this summer than the Olympics.  I have never thrown one, however, this summer I attended my first summer Olympics party.  But it wasn’t just any party, it was a reunion party for Mr. Dr.’s family.  Growing up they had a tradition called the summer Olympics which they always tried to make coincide with the actual Olympic games.  Super clever idea, in my opinion, because they use it as a way to bring his mom’s side of the family together for a reunion.  It’s the perfect twist on the old fashioned, hum drum reunion party.  This tradition has been going on for years and they have the photo albums to prove it.  Lucky for me, I was blessed to marry into a family that is welcoming, loving, and crazy fun.  They also are a bit competitive…well, a lot competitive.  Anyway, we always have such a great time when we get together, and they enjoy a good cocktail as much as I do so I fit in just perfectly.  It’s a good thing because thanks to the June schedule, Mr. Dr. had to work every weekend including the weekend of the big party.  This meant that Mrs. Dr. was traveling solo to the Looze summer Olympics/reunion party in Long Island.  Now, there are some daughters-in-law who may feel nervous or ambivalent about attending a big family party of this stature, but hellllllllllllo, I love this kind of stuff.  And, let’s be honest, not only am I not the shyest gal around, I live for a good competition.  After all, even though I’m 28, that Division 1 soccer collegiate athlete is still inside me somewhere. :)

So obviously, I was preparing mentally for a win for myself in every sport.  The Looze family 2012 Olympic games consisted of the water balloon toss, water volleyball, putting and a potato sac race.  I thought I had it in the bag.  Well surprisingly I did not.  Here are a few photos that pretty much sum up the weekend.

The 2012 Crew

Juniors Potato Sac Race

Me and my “Turkey” Trophy

Yes! It’s true. I did win a trophy at the 2012 summer Olympics party.  But I don’t like to gloat…especially when the trophy I won was a “Turkey” trophy.  My lovely mother-in-law and I won this trophy for being “first out” in a competition.  Sad I know, but true.  We were out after round three of the balloon toss.  I take full blame on this one.  She tossed and I did not perform.  No excuses, I just did not catch it gracefully enough and there our chances went at winning the gold.  As you can see from the potato sac race picture it appears I was one of the last to cross the finish line.  I begged for a camera finish as I thought I was the front runner at one point in the race but video surveillance taken by a spectator proved otherwise.  What happened you ask?? Great question.  I used to be the fastest player on the soccer field.  I guess hopping in a bag isn’t comparable to sprinting on a field.  Putting was also a bust as I was not even a finalist, but in my defense, golf is not my forte.  I redeemed myself ever so slightly by capturing the silver medal in water volleyball but that was a team effort and I have my team members to thank for that one.  All in all, it was a fantastic weekend with family, fun and lots of cocktails of course.  No one came out injured and we celebrated the weekend with a big New England clam and lobster feast.

To top off the weekend, I ended it in biker chic style while taking my first motorcycle ride ever!  What a blast.  Big thanks to Mark, Mr. Dr.’s cousin’s bf, who took me on my first ride and brought me back safe and sound.  And a big thanks to Uncle Mike who took us on a mini bike tour of the Hamptons.  It was so exhilarating and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Although Mr. Dr. says I shouldn’t make motorcycle riding a hobby, I totally understand the appeal.  Thanks for a great weekend Looze family!

First motorcycle ride ever


One thought on “Summer Olympics Looze Style

  1. I love the Summer Olympics!! I wanted to do this as well! (being somewhat competitive myself). Dr. looze is the cutest DR I know and he has the most beautiful wife!
    Love you guys

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