You Me & a Doctor Degree

NYU Med School White Coat Ceremony Aug ’07

Here we are at Mr. Dr.’s white coat ceremony in August of 2007.  This is where all of the aspiring future doctors from NYU got their first “white coat” and were officially entered into school.  Wow.  He has a lot more hair and my tan skin clearly shows I had a lot of free time due to unemployment when we moved here.  Coincidence I wore white? I think not.  Remember, by association, I was being inducted into medical school too.  I think back to that day and it brings an innocent smile to my face.  I had no idea what the next few years were going to bring us. Since then, we have lived in 4 different NYC apartments, gotten married, traveled to some beautiful places, developed an exciting relationship with Manhattan and oh yes, got an M.D.  Oops.  I almost forgot about two other important relationships that developed – mine with the Trader Joe’s wine store cashier and local liquor store worker.  Can’t make martinis without liquor.

NYU Med school Graduation May ’11

Here we are at Mr. Dr.’s graduation last year.  We had been newlyweds for about five minutes at this point and I was so excited for him to start residency.  I had no idea what to expect but you know that phrase, “Expect the Unexpected”?  I now think someone married to a resident coined that term.  But at least Mr. Dr. has year one under his belt.  Of course, it was pretty rough at times.  But really, we had a great year.  Sure, we missed a few things and couldn’t make it to every event we wanted to but overall, even though the days were long, the year went by fast.  As it usually does.  We moved into a great new apartment, saw a few of our good friends get married and engaged, traveled to Jamaica with family and Mr. Dr. turned the big 3-0.  We also celebrated our one year anniversary weekend together wine tasting in the Hamptons and I thankfully, got to spend a few hours with him on every holiday this past year (irrelevant that one of them was because I injured myself and had to visit as his patient in the hospital…more on that later).  Obviously there were hardships and I probably wouldn’t have picked the hand of “Let’s spend our first newlywed year as a trio: you, me and the hospital.”  But that’s the hand I was dealt and I learned that those hardships made the good times seem great.  I appreciated the little things so much more.  We certainly did not have a routine life either, at any point last year which I guess has its pros and cons.  I definitely had my fair share of Mrs. Dr. time but I think I did a pretty good job keeping myself busy.  Besides, the second I ever started to feel bored I just poured myself a glass of wine (or three) and it was all good.  Lucky for me, I work in an industry that is pretty lively and I have great friends in NYC that make sure I am not always making a cocktail just for one.  Apologies if the alcohol references get old, you should probably know upfront…I can ALWAYS put things into perspective with a cocktail reference.  After all…

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