Pediatric Orthopedic Rotation = Done

Woohoo!  First rotation of 2nd year is done.  I am so happy these last two months are over.  It has been a rough start to year 2.  They say that 2nd year is as bad as 1st for ortho residents but I really thought it couldn’t get worse after the first 365 days of residency were over.  I was wrong.  Unusual I know but it’s true.  Mr. Dr. has seen some tough days in July and August including a few consecutive days where he only slept for a total of single digit hours.  But the good news is that he started on what is supposed to be one of the more tedious rotations of 2nd year.  We will see if that lives to be true since we have 5 more rotations to go. Remember, these are 2 month rotations.  Stay tuned on that front.

In the meantime, here are a few things Mr. Dr. and I have concluded from rotation #1:
1. It is possible to sleep 2 hours in one night and then function/work for a full 20 hours the entire next day.  I don’t know how it just is.  With might I add, the only assisting drug being caffeine.
2. Mr. Dr. likes kids but not ones that have been screaming for hours while he attempts to put them in a splint.
3. Brooklyn has a large population of Hasidic Jews who live in communities that have their own ambulances and if little Schlomi gets hurt the community ambulance drops them off at the NYU hospitals.
4. For all you moms out there, Mr. Dr. says the worse your child is screaming from getting “hurt” usually means the less severe it is. Their crying is more anxiety driven than from actual pain and a lot of times the more painful injuries stun the child so their reaction is tamed. The best way to determine severity level at home is to see how much they can use the body part that is injured.
5. Radiologists really do sit in dark rooms and stare at X-rays all day – I saw the room with my own two eyes. It does live up to what you would expect – quiet, a little gloomy and basementesque.
6. WE ARE ONE 6TH OF THE WAY DONE 2ND YEAR!  Now onto the next…

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