Knife 101 Meet Cooking. Cooking Meet Fashion.

And you all think I don’t cook.  Well I don’t really.  But Mr. Dr.’s current rotation has him working 18 hour Sundays on the weekends he is scheduled which means that if I’m in the city for the weekend I do what I can to keep myself busy.  I must admit I have gotten a little ambitious recently.  Maybe a more honest answer is that I am running out of Sunday activities for myself so I’m recycling some old ones that may not have had stellar results in the past.  This means some more attempts at cooking.  I know I know.  I promise I am being very very careful.  No more patient incidents as of recent to report.  In fact, a couple of weeks ago Mr. Dr. gave me a knife 101 course.  Who better to learn from than a training surgeon??  Genius.  I can’t believe I waited this long.  It’s easy.  You just let the knife do the work.  I now know how to properly hold, handle and become one with the knife.  And here I thought Cutco and I were enemies.  Well after my course, I think we have at least moved up a notch to frenemies.

I am lucky that Mr. Dr. is so supportive of all of my independent time and activities even though I know he fears he might get another “I just cut myself.  I think I’m dying.  Help!” phone call.  Luckily, the second time I injured myself I called him and assured him in my first sentence I was OK and not going to pass out like the first time.  Eeeek.  I really do have a bad track record.

Anyway, I have been doing alright this summer (everyone reading this please knock on a piece of wood).  So recently I have been making a vegetable salad.  This idea was three fold.  First, I like to make things that I know Mr. Dr. will like.  He loves to eat healthy.  I don’t mind healthy but I’m not as crazy about it as him.  He loves vegetables and loves this salad that I make so I find satisfaction over the fact that he enjoys it.  Second, it is refreshing as a snack or mini meal at any hour of the day.  I take it for lunch, Mr. Dr. scarfs it down at 1am when he gets home.  It’s all the same.  Third, it’s so easy and you can make any variations you like.  Look, I don’t make elaborate meals.  If you want a cooking blog there are plenty I can recommend.  This is not one of them so be kind in judgement here.  Also keep in mind…I devote a tiny portion of our fridge to food.  Whatever can find its way among the wine bottles, beer and other liquids I have placed strategically on the shelves can have a little room.  Usually I make a big bowl of the vegetable salad and we have it for days.  What do you guys think?  It’s pretty tasty.  The one below is carrots, celery, cucumbers, and red onions with citrus vinaigrette.  Sometimes I use Italian dressing or balsamic vinaigrette and I have mixed up the blend by adding other veggies like asparagus.

Gotta start somewhere.  If nothing else, it is helping build my confidence with Cutco.  Furthermore, my awesome mom found this in Bed Bath & Beyond and I use it every time I whip out those sharp weapons, also known as knives.  Even if the glove is only cut resistant, it gives me a major peace of mind while cutting.  So while I am still experimenting with my cooking techniques and concoctions, I feel much safer after my knife 101 course and with my new glove.  It kinda makes me feel like Michael Jackson.  Maybe I can start a new one-handed mesh glove trend.  You know…mix a little fashion with cooking.  I think I am on to something.

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