FALLing into TV

There are so many great reasons to love the Fall season.  Tailgating, a sweat-free walk to work, exciting wardrobe changes, Halloween candy, over-indulging in Thanksgiving meals and NYC Fashion Week are among my favorites.  And certainly at the top of my list is…………TV Premieres.  September is such a fun month in TV.  All of the new shows are starting and with them I’d like to introduce you all to a friend of a mine – my cluttered DVR.  First and foremost, what did we all do before DVR??  I remember making fun of my mom years ago when she discovered TIVO.  She had a bazillion shows running on record all the time.  Well like mother, like daughter because I have the same fault.  The one complaint I have with my DVR is that mine only records two shows at a time and when two shows are recording at once, you have to keep one of the channels on.  Ughhhh.  But hey, a small price to pay to be able to catch my favorite shows whenever I want and at a much faster pace.

Have you ever felt like this when a good show is on and you don’t want to leave the room?? I certainly have!

Now, as I have mentioned I work in the TV media industry here in NYC.  Lucky for me, this means I get a firsthand sneak peek at what all the networks are launching for their new Fall season shows months in advance.  I consider this part of my job as mixing business with pleasure because it’s just as exciting for me to see what’s in store for personal liking as it is to strategize for work.  On a personal note, it is always exciting to ponder which new shows I will allow in to clutter my DVR even more.  As with most people I am a very loyal TV viewer.  The shows I like, I love.  Hence, why I am still much anticipating the premiere of Grey’s this week.  And…little secret…Gossip Girl will still be showing up on my weekly Monday list.  If you don’t know already, I am sad to report that this will be GG’s final season.  I may just shed a tear.  She has kept me on the edge of my seat couch every Monday night as I am always left wanting another hour after we are left with the cliffhanger that week.  Up All Night and Modern Family need to be hour episodes.  ABC got it right with these two.  They are two of the best comedies on TV right now, but Modern Family takes the cake.  Every character is important, funny and makes it what it is.  Oh what was that?  Did you say Reality TV?  I am a huge sucker.  I can’t even lie.  The Bachelor/ette/pad are some of my favorite Monday night indulgences.  The immature, pathetic, cat fight drama has my remote on speed dial like an addict to their dealer.  I am so hooked no matter who the lame contestants are that season.  Did I mention The Voice and X-Factor?  Hello big boobs McGee Ms. Aguilera.  That’s not why I love the show but it certainly adds great entertainment value.  And Britney on X-Factor?  My high school girl crush has finally done something right since Toxic.  Oops she did it again and I must admit I am kind of loving it.  Add in some House Hunters, My Fair Wedding with David Tutera (a weakness that arose during engagement) and Selling NY and I’m just thankful that Mr. Dr. doesn’t have a whole lot of time for TV because if he had his own shows our DVR might blow up.

Confession #19284 – I have developed a serious recent obsession with Revenge.  Mr. Dr. and I created a Hulu account and started watching for fun in the off season.  Holy Cannoli.  This show is unreal.  The unexpected twists and turns on the show have led to some seriously weird Mrs. Dr. behavior.  Like triple checking the lock on our balcony door before I go to bed because what if there is a killer on the loose who has it out to get revenge based on a conspiracy theory that I could be involved in?!  They would clearly come in through the balcony as a decoy.  Well OK, like I said, probably far-fetched but hey you never know.  This show is nuts but oh so riveting and I cannot wait until this weekend when it’s brought back to life for the new season.

Now that I have cluttered your mind with insight into some of what my cluttered DVR will look like this Fall, feel free to share with me the shows you are excited about this season.  Also below is a list of some of the hot new shows that are supposed to be must-sees premiering this Fall.

- The New Normal
- 666 Park Avenue
- Nashville
- Revolution
- The Mob Doctor
- Elementary

Happy Premiere Month!

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