Love/Hate Relationships

I must admit…I have a love/hate relationship with residency.  Well actually it’s more like 30/70.  I’m hoping that ratio gets better over the years but for now even giving the love portion 30% is generous.  Some days I love it, and other days, I want nothing more than for the hospital to burn down (no I don’t really mean that).  Well…actually…if it were possible to do without injuring or killing anyone I’d look into it but I think that’s unlikely.  Anyway, my feelings about residency really depend on the day.  Here are my reasons:

What I Love about Residency:

  • When Mr. Dr. comes home and tells me about a new surgery he scrubbed in on that made him excited.
  • When I hear about how many patients were helped in a day.
  • Seeing him in his stethoscope, scrubs and white coat – something about it is pretty darn sexy
  • Having faith that in 10 years I will look back on it and say “Remember when…” with a smile because it was all worth it.

What I Hate about Residency:

  • The hours.
  • The smell of the hospital.
  • The stress it puts on residents.
  • Watching Mr. Dr. have a cup of coffee and watching him fall asleep mid-cup/mid-sentence because he is that exhausted (and yes this has happened on more than one occasion).
  • Did I mention the hours? And of course, all of the things he has to miss.
  • The most interaction we have had in 3 days and 3 nights is at 4am when he got up this morning to go to work and I got up to get water:

Me: Babe when did you get home last night?
Him: Around 1.
Me: How are you functioning? That’s the third night in a row.
Him: Ame, your life passes you by when you sleep.

I just laughed and went back to bed. Thank goodness my Mr. Dr. can keep a sense of humor through this. As I want a natural disaster to sweep though the hospital and constantly worry about the possibility of his body shutting down from exhaustion, he manages to go through it all with a smile on his face. I don’t know how but it’s something I greatly admire about him.

There is nothing I love more than hearing Mr. Dr. excited about something he did at work.  Not just because I love seeing him happy, but also because there is a large part of me that finds it fascinating.  The things that doctors can do nowadays with all of the advances in technology are insane.  But then there are the times I am reminded of why I hate it.  For example, flashback to December last year when I drove him to the train station because he had to get back to work the night shift on Christmas.  Yuck.  Or.  Flashback to a few days ago when he found out that he has a mandatory training course in Missouri the weekend of our good friends’ wedding in NYC this fall and he (as of now) can’t get out of it.  PS: Who holds training courses in Missouri?!  It’s only fitting that they send the residents to a weekend away in freaking Missouri – why not Miami or San Francisco?  Ha no that would be way too kind.  We had 7 weddings this year and the ONE wedding we have in NYC I may have to attend solo because he will be travelling.  Any other week of the year you have to take a bulldozer to the NYC hospitals to get the residents out of there but not the weekend we actually have a wedding in town.  Just our luck.  Maybe it will somehow work out that he can make it back early but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

Do you have a love/hate relationship case with anything in particular?

2 thoughts on “Love/Hate Relationships

  1. i HAD a love hate relationship with my Fi’s deployment. well, it was ilterally.0000001% of me loved it just because of how proud I was of him. I can relate to the not having him around. He was gone for ::takes deep breath:: thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Our Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, and Memorial Day. ::exhales::. Perhaps you can closely relate to a miitary family because they are constantly making sacrifices for their country, just as hubs makes a sacrifice to care for his patients.

    • Jenn, I couldn’t agree more! So many similarities in sacrifice between the military and medical fields. I have so much respect for military wives, girlfriends, families and friends. It’s so inspiring to have our loved ones in such dedicated, respectable fields but at the same time, so heartbreaking at the commitment level they need to have that keeps them separated from their close ones. Hope you are enjoying the summer with your Fi :) xo

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