Pumpkins Aren’t Just For Pies

It is a bit depressing that I feel like it was just yesterday I was sharing some of my favorite summer cocktails with you all.  And now here we are already having jetted down the runway into takeoff on a new season with the snap of a finger.  Lucky for us a new season means new cocktails.  I am looking forward to experimenting with some fun fall cocktails in the near future.  I feel like this year more than ever, everyone is on the pumpkin latte bandwagon.  It’s all I saw on people’s facebook status’ for an entire week the first day it hit 70 degrees out.  All of the coffee shops seemed to be promoting it big time too.  Maybe in the past I have just been oblivious but it certainly seems like pumpkin is putting the “in” into ingredient this year for all things that come in a cup.  I don’t often write about coffee recipes and I’m not going to be starting now.  So as you may expect…let’s talk cocktails!  I would like to throw two seemingly exciting cocktail recipes into the mix using this season’s favorite flavor.

I call the first one Autumn Bliss as the recipe sounds like just that.

-Generous amount of Vodka
-3 Splashes of Ginger Ale
-1 Splash of Apple Cider
-2 Spoons of Pumpkin Puree
Notes:  So I tried this one at home.  Here are my findings.  First, do not try to replace the cider element with apple juice.  If you do the apple juice will outshine the rest of the drink.  Second, it is a bit heavy with the puree so I recommend turning this into more of a martini than an iced cocktail.  It’s filling.  And finally I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the pumpkin puree flavor.  I was skeptical when I scooped it into the drink to mix but it was the key ingredient.  This is a seasonal drink for sure.

 What looks and sounds to me like a: Rumpkin White Russian.

-Generous amount of Rum
-2 Splashes of Pumpkin Schnapps
-2 Splashes of Kahlua Liqueur
-2 Splashes of Milk
-Garnish with a Dash of Cinnamon
-Notes:  From the looks of this, I’m going to guess this is designed to be a dessert cocktail but I would definitely hold the whip cream (not a huge fan of whipped cream with my cocktails).  Nonetheless, I like the blend of rum and pumpkin schnapps.  This could be a match made in heaven.  All of this aside, with the kahlua and milk this could end up tasting very much like a pumpkin spiked white russian.  We shall see.  I am looking forward to trying it.

Happy Pumpkin Cocktail Friday!

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