Love it or Leave it

Just a few of the things I love…and a few I could live without:


Martinis (in case you couldn’t tell)*My family&friends*Sunny days
Kindhearted people*Movies*Seamless Web*Chipotle*Tailgating
Michael Kors*Cheese-any kind but bleu*Vodka*Dresses*Trader Joes
Wine-red or white*Jimmy Choo shoes*NYC in the spring&fall*Burberry
Jeggings*Cuddling*Steak*Paris*Trying new restaurants
Champagne toasts*David Yurman*My birthday*Writing
Being tan*Manicures*Laughing*DVR*The beach
*My Husband*

Could live without:

Rude people*Being late*Mushrooms*Fighting*Math
Being sick*Winter*Ants*Pineapples*Dust*Traffic
Cold tomatoes*Losing*Mosquitoes*Bad breath*Waiting in lines
Politics*Salmon*Laundry*Cats*Textbooks*The NJ turnpike
*Residency’s hours*

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