A Beautiful Gift Inside & Out

Thank you all for your sweet well wishes and congratulations from my last post.  It means a lot.  As most would expect, our families were the first to find out about our new addition.  The love and support we received from both sides filled out hearts with so much happiness over the excitement of our upcoming arrival.  My family (let’s be honest, the girls in the family) gave Mr. Dr. and I (but mostly me) the most thoughtful gift just a few short weeks after they found out about the news.  With both of our families being hours away, I knew it would be tough not having them around the corner during this exciting time in our life.  Luckily, we are used to fending for ourselves and have great friends in NYC to keep us occupied so that helps.

Nonetheless, it seems my family felt the same way once they heard the news about Baby L.  They shared the mutual feeling of wishing we could all be geographically closer and came up with the cutest idea to be a part of my pregnancy journey every step of the way.  Meet my baby basket.

Baby Basket

If this isn’t the most thoughtful gift for a mom-to-be I have ever seen I just don’t know what it is.  The basket is filled with gifts and the interior and exterior are lined with envelopes that I am instructed to open throughout my pregnancy.  Each envelope has a corresponding gift.  And they didn’t miss a beat.  Open when…the baby kicks, the baby can hear you, the gender is revealed, you’re feeling tired, you’re feeling lonely, you get a craving, you’re feeling nauseous, your pants feel tight, and when you need a hug to name just a few of the many moments they wanted to capture and make special for me throughout my pregnancy adventure.  In the beginning I just liked to look at it sitting in the corner of our bedroom next to my bedside.  I was so thankful and every time I looked at it I was reminded of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family.  Then after a couple of weeks I started diving in and it has been great fun getting little surprises along the way so far.  They had quite the task keeping things gender neutral because when they made it, no one knew whether it would be pink or blue.  I could go on and on but I will spare you.  Take my advice: if a loved one that you are close with is pregnant and you decide you want to give/make them a thoughtful gift, definitely steal this idea.  It is a surefire way to make a future momma feel extra special.  Big kisses to my sweet family.


Preggatini Anyone?

The word is out and we can officially shout it from the rooftops.  I’m pregnant!  Mr. and Mrs. Dr. are going to be parents.  We are so excited to finally share this news with my blogosphere family.  It’s a funny thing.  I have felt so guilty because I know I have been keeping this huge secret but it’s the best secret so at the same time, I haven’t felt that bad.  It’s one of those secrets that people understand why you keep to yourself so for that I am thankful.  I feel like I have so much to catch you all up on because – surprise! – I am already in my 2nd trimester.  Pretty hard to believe.  But Mr. Dr. and I wanted to be super duper sure all was well before we made our news public.  I guess that’s what happens when you are first time parents.  Parents…crazy to think that is what we will be after only having them all this time.  Ugh.  After only worrying about a fetus in my belly for 16 weeks I would like to give a shout out to any and all parents out there because my goodness do they deserve credit.  I have already experienced that “worry” that parents have and I am exhausted, and Baby L hasn’t even made the debut yet into the world.  This is going to be a long 18 years.  Who am I kidding – my mom still worries about all of us so nevermind, it’s going to be a long rest of my lifetime, ha.

I’d like to partially blame the creation of Baby L on the reasoning behind why I have blogged a bit less this summer.  I write honestly and openly so keeping such a big part of our life on the hush has been hard for my writing since all I have wanted to do is have a glass of wine…and a martini…and a beer to celebrate.  Have you noticed that Cocktail Fridays have been less frequent?  Even if you haven’t, I can assure you they have and it’s because I haven’t wanted to live the lie that I have been cocktailing to my norm this summer.  All for a good cause of course.  What will we do with the name of the blog?  Shall I temporarily change it to When Life Gives You Medicine & a Baby…make Mocktails? or When Life Gives You Pregnancy…make a Preggatini?

One of my dearest friends sent me the cutest gift after I told her the news. Take a look.  This will hopefully give me some good blog material to report on over the next 6 months.  Momjito anyone?

Preggatinis I will follow up with some exciting posts about how we told our families and how the last 4 months have been in preggo land.  Mr. Dr. and I couldn’t be happier to expand our family and I know that there are lots of doctor’s wives mommas out there to get the best advice from so feel free to start dishing that out…now.  For now, I will leave you with a picture of the first maternity shirt I was given.  I can’t wait to sport this sucker around NYC this fall.  Courtesy of my sister-in-law.

Ice Ice Baby Maternity Shirt

Mr. (Dr.) Right

Linking up with Medical Mondays (a day late but that’s allowed because it was a holiday yesterday).  I can’t believe it’s already September.

Now I know we all love our significant others and think the world of them. I am typically a believer in keeping it on the hush rather than shouting it from the rooftops in an effort to not make those less fortunate feel bad if they don’t have a great beau.  So here is a warning: please note what follows in this post might make you gag as I brag about Mr. Dr. for a minute.  I am going against my better judgement so skip reading this one if you don’t care to be enlightened.  Here it goes.  I sometimes think he is too perfect.  Let me list the reasons why.

1. The scholar-athlete awards he received in high school and college are countless…like excerpts of them from papers and online couldn’t all fit on a spread of a scrapbook I made him years ago.
2. In the first month I met him, he got a ‘B’ on a paper and set up a meeting with his professor to find out why he didn’t receive an ‘A’. Come to find out, it was his first ‘B’ ever in college.
3. He never got grounded in high school for being a rebellious party animal. (Was I the only one?? It’s normal to experiment and get in trouble for things like that in high school right?) He claims he never drank at a party until college.  What a sober saint.  My parents would have had a much easier 4 years if he was living under their roof circa my high school days.  While I was stellar in many areas of life growing up and almost always the perfect child, I also excelled in pushing the envelope with everything and succeeded in boiling my parents’ blood a few weeks (at least) out of every year.
4. He is the best gift giver ever. From Legally Blonde Broadway tickets to Louboutins and weekend getaway trips, he has always been pretty creative and on point.  I might say that the gifts have gotten slightly less unique over the last 2 years but I blame the lack of preparation time residency has allowed. And maybe, just maybe he is saving it all up for a big 3-0 surprise.
5. He likes to cuddle.  Not only that, when I don’t want to cuddle, he willingly (most nights) gives me 75% of the bed and in turn sleeps on the edge of his side of the bed because he knows I have a little fear that I might fall out of the bed if I don’t sleep practically in the middle.  The bottom line here is that we need a king size bed.
6. He likes to drink as much as I do.
7. He likes to eat as much as I do.
8. He watches chick flicks because deep down he likes them, and he watches all of my guilty pleasure TV.
9. He is more driven than my 2006 Toyota with almost 100,000 miles on it.  The boy has ambition like I have never seen.  I hope our kids pick up that trait.
10. He loves me.  A lot.

Mr. Dr. prides himself on doing ‘the right thing.’  In fact this has actually caused disagreements between us in the past.  He is the guy that takes favors and asks for none in return, always raises his hand when someone is looking for a volunteer, goes above and beyond even when it’s not necessary because ‘it’s just the right thing to do’ so he says.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doing the right thing.  I just do the wrong thing probably 50% of the time so I think it balances out fine.  We aren’t perfect.  But he seems to be inching closer towards it than me.  Except when his stubbornness comes out.  Then he goes from hero to zero.  Or when he forgets that the dishwasher is right next to the sink.  Or when he doesn’t call people back for days.  Or when he procrastinates.  Or when he eats cans of tuna right before I get home – ugh – I can’t stand that smell.  So obviously there is an “annoying things” list that I have developed for him but that comes with almost 10 years of knowing someone.

Sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and send some kudos to the way of our hardworking suitors and remember why they are our Mr. Right.  And lucky for me, the “annoying list” contains all things we can work on.  Good thing we have a lifetime together to do it.

Hand Surgery Rotation = Done

check mark

We are done with the first rotation of 3rd year.  I must say, I am liking 3rd year so far.  Dare I bite my tongue on that one?  It was a smooth 2 months.  Mr. Dr. was on a hand surgery rotation which had some great perks like no overnight weekday call and a week of vacation.

The only really bad thing I can say about it is that summer is now coming to a close.  While I love when rotations go by quickly, I loathe the fact that cold weather is right around our little corner.  Most people get excited about “boot weather” and throwing on their favorite sweater but to me that just means, in a few short months my puffy winter coat has to come out.  Yuck.  Until then I am enjoying the last couple weeks of warm weather.  End of summer into early fall is one of our favorite times to be in the NYC because the weather is perfect and the outdoors are pretty.

A couple of observations from this past rotation:
-Mr. Dr. can now probably do a carpal tunnel syndrome surgery in his sleep.
-Hand surgeons almost never have in-patients, most surgeries are out-patient = minimal days of morning rounds = a little extra daily sleep.
-Hand surgeries are generally pretty quick.
-I got told I looked really tan over the last two months which means I have had ample time in the sun = vitamin D is a good thing.
-Having a week off at the end of the summer is a really nice way to bring the summer to a close and kick off the upcoming season.

We have moved onto a trauma rotation.  Lots of 24 hour call and lots of longer days ahead.  But I am going to take the positive energy from the last 2 months and keep the happy mentality moving forward for as long as I can on the heels from this past rotation.  Wish me luck.

America’s Favorite Pastime

Fun little fact for those who don’t know.  Prior to this whole medical career Mr. Dr. played some baseball once or twice back in the day.  It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since that time in our lives but boy was it different.  Sports has been a huge part of both of our lives, hence how we met back in undergrad.  Fortunately for him, he was able to fulfill his dream of playing professionally.  I think every little leaguer has this dream but few can make it a reality.  After that exciting career stint he moved onto medicine.  Well, really it started during.  He was studying for MCATs while in season because he is no dummy and knew it was a long road ahead if he wanted to pursue doctorhood once his baseball career was finito.

Looking back on it, at the time I know I didn’t I appreciate the fact that he was so diligent about starting the process when he did.  I can’t imagine having started medical school any later than when we did knowing the path we are on now.  We were so young, silly and dumb when it all began we really had no idea what was ahead.  Correction.  HE knew.  I am sure when he was applying to medical schools he mentioned orthopedics as a field of interest.  But I just knew him as a baseball jock who liked biology and got way better grades than me.  I didn’t really listen to the 10 year surgery track plan.  I heard 3 letters: NYC.  Mumbling came after that and away we went on our adventure.

Well our new adventure did not require me sitting in the bleachers for 3 and ½ hours while simultaneously working on my tan during baseball games.  He only got up to bat every other inning so I was able to spend just as much time people watching, eating hot dogs and drinking beer as I did watching the game.  I got to watch him work 3 and ½ hours every day when he had a game.  That was a fun aspect of his job while he was employed by baseball.  It’s not like I can venture into the call room and cheer him on as he answers pages or go into the OR and clap every time he picks up the scalpel.  My cheerleading now is pretty much capped for in-home support only.

I always wondered what it would be like to be the wife of a pro baseball player.  The traveling weeks at a time would suck but couldn’t my husband just fly me to every game so I could sit in the wives section for the away games?  I think that seems reasonable.  In the off season he would always be around.  In the Spring we could live in warm, sunny Florida for Spring training.  If he got traded we could experience a new city together.  Who cares if I got a littttttle bored at the games.  It was fun to watch him jog around in his cute uniform.  Plus, ballpark food is the best.  Hospital food stinks, and scrubs and white coats are not the sexiest uniforms.

Mr. Dr. is lucky that he picked two professions he wanted to do in his life, has completed one and is working his way to achieve his second.  Baseball required hours, days and years of practice but every day baseball players can improve on the field.  Surgery requires hours, day and years of practice and like the sport, surgeons can improve every day in the operating room.  I suppose the biggest differences are he doesn’t get to play in dirt and run around a diamond when he does something great.  Rather, he plays inside of people’s bodies and gets to run around the hospital like a chicken with his head cut off.  He doesn’t stand outside and play catch with a little hard ball.  Instead he stands inside a fluorescent room and plays with little hard bones.  He doesn’t focus on lifting the dumbbell to get big muscles in the weight room.  Now, he focuses on lifting the knife to fix the wears and tears of others’ big muscles.

It’s funny how life has evolved for him thus far.  Recently, we went to the Home Run Derby because it was held in NYC this year which was awesome.  We had a great time and Mr. Dr. loved being back in familiar territory to witness such a cool event.

Homerun DerbyWe even got to see Pit Bull perform.  It was a fun night out.  Maybe one of these days we will get Mr. Dr. back on the diamond and see if he still has some of his own home run mojo from back in the day.

Pit Bull

Full Bloom Medical Monday

Happy August Medical Monday for those of you visiting from the linkup.  Quick intro for the newbies – we are PGY3 in ortho and we live in NYC.  I don’t work in medicine, nor do I want to work in medicine.  I enjoy lots of other fun things like food, drinks, hanging out with friends and visiting our families who are hours away.

Lately, I have a new like to add to my current running list.  Fresh flowers.  I have had artificial flowers sitting on our window sill since shortly after we moved into our apartment.  The other day Mr. Dr. told me they were tacky.  So without hesitation, I threw them out.  Honestly, I bought them as a temporary fix when we lived in our previous apartment because the place was a dungeon and needed some color and life.  Then, when we moved into this apartment I just kind of sat them there and left them.  After Mr. Dr. told me that he thought they were tacky, I thought about it for a second, and agreed.  So away they went.

Since then Mr. Dr. and I have been pondering what decor we want to invest in to replace our previous inelegance.  As a temporary filler, we bought a summer bouquet of chrysanthemums.  They actually looked really pretty in the space and having real flowers there made a bigger difference than what I expected.  Sometimes it really is the little things.

Chrysan Flowers

We considered the idea of buying a fresh bouquet every week but that might get too pricey for our thrifty residency budget.  So we thought a nice alternative might be an indoor plant.  There are so many options and sizes, we found that it wasn’t quite as easy as one might think to pick a perfect plant.  A must was that it contained some kind of color.  I saw some pretty cactus in pink, orange and yellow but they were smaller than what we wanted.  We also found that our options were more limited since the plant would be sitting next to the window all day and receive a lot of light even being indoors.  We couldn’t get something too, too big either.  So we landed on a croton.  What do you guys think?  It’s the perfect size and has some hints of color.

Croton Plant

I need to footnote this post with the following:

*I am not a gardener or a planter.  I have no idea what to do when it comes to this stuff.  I just know what I think looks pretty.  I can handle watering something every few days and perhaps adding some plant food to it occasionally but that’s where I draw the line.  God knows Mr. Dr. won’t do a thing to help take care of it so something low maintenance was pretty imperative and high on the list.  Hence why the artificial flowers worked out so well.  Luckily, our lovely little croton requires very little care and will grow at a snail’s pace – perfect for us.

Funny Plant

One Day It Will Be Us

It’s been an exciting summer for us.  We have had a couple of weddings, a couple of fun events, some great outings and best of all, this first 3rd year rotation has allowed us to have ample quality time together.  This year was our first year attending the residency graduation dinner.  It was at a beautiful venue on a boat that sits anchored on the east river.  Mr. Dr. was working but they send someone in (usually a fellow) to relieve those that are on call for the evening for a few hours because they want the entire program (years 2-5) to be there.  It was a tad bit stressful since he had to rush to and from the hospital, to and from home, and to and from the event.  They really don’t make it easy for these slave laborers.  Amidst the rushing we only managed to lose one cufflink.  Perhaps it was the bow tie youtube how-to-tie video that he was watching en route to the venue that distracted him.  Luckily, thanks to him being on call, our dine and dash sentiment didn’t leave much time for anyone to notice that one tux shirt cuff was being held together by a paper clip that we graciously received from the hostess upon arrival.

Attendings, residents and their closest family attend this black tie affair.  I didn’t know what to expect but one immediate feeling I had was that I was glad they included the significant others on the invite.  Although it’s an event honoring the 5th years that are graduating, it really is a milestone event for all of the residents.  It’s always in June which means graduation for the 5th years, but another year done for the others.  Besides the extra fluff that they throw in to make it cheesy and ceremonial, the room is filled with hope for all of the junior residents.  Knowing it will be each of them in a year, 2 years or 3 years from that moment warms everyone with a good feeling for those few hours.  And not to mention, gives the significant others a moment to sit back and remember that one day it will hopefully all be worth it.  The sense of accomplishment that you could hear as each 5th year resident stood up to say their thanks and show their pride was endearing, motivating and rightfully so, emotional.  I am looking forward to inching one step closer to that being us with each upcoming year.  After a nice sit down dinner, they have the presentation of diplomas, slideshows (its ortho so they keep it light and entertaining), speeches and awards.  It’s just long enough to fit everything in and short enough that your eyelids don’t get too heavy while sitting there.

Here we are in our lobby as we were rushing back upstairs so he could change back into his doctor clothes and be swept away to overnight call.  I had realized I didn’t snap any photos and it’s certainly not often we get dressed up like his and her penguins.

Residency Dinner

Hot Sweaty Mess

Is it really the end of July?  I am just now realizing I never even filled you in on my first residency graduation dinner experience from June?  Bad blogger, Mrs. Dr., bad blogger.  Although I suppose the positive side of that means that I have been busy busy busy and that my friends is true.  That post will come soon.  In the meantime, summer, as usual, is cruising on by.  Just yesterday it feels I was aching for 85 and sunny to show its face as I trotted to work in the brisk April weather.  And then bam.  55 turned to 65 and 65 turned to a whopping 95.

Seriously, NYC has gone through a pretty drastic heat wave these past few weeks.  Although the last 24 hours have been quite nice.  You won’t hear me complaining because my motto is bring on the heat, but I must say, getting to work and having to wipe down my skin from perspiration is not sexy.  For godsakes, can they at least get a fan in the elevators at work so our cramped ride up 16 floors is a little more bearable?  My commute is just long enough that I get into the building and am feeling like a hot, sweaty mess.  When I where certain outfits I have to check that the clothing hasn’t completely stuck to areas of my skin or that my sweat lines aren’t busting through the material.  Then I cool off for a hot second and regain my composure.  Elevator comes and I step in only to get some serious shoulder to shoulder action with other hot sweaty skinned messes.  The sweat glands open up yet again and I occasionally feel my hair strands sticking to my neck as we open and close on what feels like every floor before I get to mine.  As the bodies get pawned off floor by floor there is slight relief as we inch up.  I reach my floor, depart from the hot box and step out into the cool air.  At that moment I am thankful for the blistering chill that sweeps my body as I walk to my desk.

Upon desk arrival, I wipe myself down, sit and regroup for the morning.  And then promptly at around 10am I find myself pulling my sweater out to throw on.  The body has adjusted to the cool environment and my bring on the heat mentality kicks back into gear.  Come afternoon, it is only a matter of time before I turn on the heater that resides underneath my desk.  I will never understand why every single office has two temperatures – scolding hot to the point working is not option and everyone should just go home to be productive OR Alaskan cold to the point where we consider bringing blankets to work because it is a necessary accessory to keep warm.

So my solution is that we all move to an island and have outside offices.  No one would need a fan or a heater.  If you get hot, you take a dip in the pool.  If you get cold, you take a dip in the hot tub.  Every office would have a retractable roof in case of inclement weather.  Then if it rains, we can have cover.  The employee morale would be instantly boosted and the positive attitudes would be overwhelming.  Yeah mon.  Working remotely never sounded so good.

Mr. & Mrs. Sitting In A Tree…K-I-S-S-I-M.D.

Way back when…like back to the days of athletic sweat pants and jungle juice…Mr. Dr. and I started “date night” in our relationship.  Date night has really evolved over the years.  Back in college it meant dedicating a night to just each other since we didn’t live together and both had roommates.  We liked to try a new restaurant on every date.  Tidbit: I made this awesome (yes it really was) scrapbook for him as a college graduation/birthday gift and it included receipts, pictures and other takeaways from our date nights throughout college.  Sigh.  That scrapbook still makes me smile.  It sits on the same bookshelf as our wedding album.  We sure have been through a lot together!

Fast forward to the fall of 2007 when he started med school.  Date night sort of fell off the radar.  We were living together for the first time, he was adjusting to school and I was cranking away at finding a job.  Note: Do try to move to NYC with a job locked in.  Moving up here with no job is not the most fun start to a new adventure together.  As med school continued and we were busy in our daily routine chaotic lives we realized something was missing from our relationship.  Date night.  So we resurrected it.  We decided we would make an effort in our busy (or what we thought was busy at the time) schedules to make time for each other on a dedicated night once a week.  All was well for a while.

Well then we got engaged in 2009.  Wedding planning and 3rd year medical rotations took over.  Date nights took a back seat once again.

We got married and matched so we finally had a locked in plan for the next 5 years.  We settled into a new apartment and residency began.  Life became…different.  Hectic was an understatement.  Adjusting to him being gone so much was hard (even harder than having him gone for 2 months in a different state during 4th year med school rotations).  But being in the city that never sleeps with a job that kept me busy I was managing.  I had preemptively warned my family and friends to be on standby 24/7 for when I would need that ‘it’s going to be OK’ phone call.  Mr. Dr. and I quickly realized how important it was to bring back date night once again.  Having a dedicated night to each other took on a new meaning.  It became a must mostly for me to know he is still did exist in the flesh.

So here we are.  2+ years into residency.  Well our date nights have varied to say the least but I am happy to report we still both make an effort to accommodate weekly date night.  Some of them have been spent ordering takeout with a bottle of wine in front of the TV.  Some have been candlelit dinners cooked together in our tiny kitchen.  Some have been BYOB dinners at our local pizzeria or sushi restaurant.  And some have been an impromptu fancy steak dinner where we dress to the nines and make a night on the town out of it.  What I have failed to mention thus far are the date nights that Mr. Dr. misses because he has to work too late.  Those last minute cancels via text are not fun.  Or the date nights that we have planned, reservations and all, except we never make it out of the apartment because Mr. Dr. has come home and fallen asleep on the couch after 5 minutes.  These kinds of date nights do rear their little heads.  But as a resident’s wife I have learned to accept that this comes with the territory.  And that is OK.  Sometimes now just the thought of date night is what suffices.  When before I used to get annoyed that we deviated from what we had planned, now I just hope he makes it through our night without falling asleep mid-dinner.  I know what you are thinking.  Forget residency…how does he fall asleep with a wife as entertaining as myself!?  I often wonder this too.  I mean just the other day my shower singing was bringin’ sexy back for him.  How can one not love my serenading from the bathroom?  I’m sure if you asked him he would agree.

All in all our weekly date nights are my most anticipated night of the week giving us both something to look forward to.  If it happens great.  If it gets cancelled or moved that’s fine too.  If he gets home 3 hours later than expected and I am on my 2nd cocktail, well hey at least he made it home for the 3rd.  The good news is that I appreciate our date nights even more now than ever before.  Time with my Mr. Dr. is something I value and that is certainly something that residency has helped teach me.   Sure we still try for weekly date nights.  But I try not to blink because sometimes that’s all it is before Mr. Dr. is fast asleep and the zzzzz’s win date night.

Celebrating 1 Fabulous Year

July marks a very exciting time for WLGYM…MM.  It’s my 1 Year Blogiversary!  This time one year ago I had a thought.  Well I had a lot of thoughts that were driving me just too crazy.  One of those thoughts turned into an idea.  Well I had a lot of ideas that were probably just not that great.  Like that sewing class years back…eek.  But one of those ideas last July was one of my best yet.  And voila, 365(ish) days have passed since I made my entrance into the blogosphere.  Thank goodness every blind squirrel finds a nut because I had no idea that my measily little blog idea would turn around and give back to me such fulfilling reward.

I knew I liked to write, I knew I liked to talk.  I knew I was sick of med school (even though it was over), I knew I was sick of residency (even though we were only a year in).  I knew I lived in a great city, I knew I liked to drink beaucoup cocktails.  I knew monetarily we didn’t have much, I knew in my heart we had the world.  I knew Mr. Dr. had a long way to go, I knew it felt like was never going to end.  I knew we were lucky to have each other, I knew I was just as lucky to have the local liquor store and bar.  I knew I liked to read blogs, I knew I wanted an outlet.  I knew I was a little crazy, I knew people knew I was a little crazy.  I knew my emotions fluctuated constantly, I knew what it meant to feel alone.  I knew I wanted to make a change.

When I created this blog I wrote in my about me section the following: This blog is a testament to myself, husband, family, friends and anyone out there who knows what’s it like to not spend a whole lot of face time with your significant other; but yet still stay connected, happy and sane in your relationship…and in life.

Well folks, so far, I am proud to say that statement remains the truth.  I write genuinely and openly about the great, good, bad and ugly of the ups and downs of our medical and non-medical worlds combining to create one perfect science of a relationship and life together.  Mix in a few cocktails and there ya have it.  Not only a testament but the best therapy money can’t buy.  I am humbled by my readers who take the time to follow me each and every week.  Having you along to share in this journey has made me feel so blessed, thank you.  The support I have been given from the moment I started this blog has been blissfully unexpected and overwhelmingly comforting.  I am grateful to have joined such a great medical spouse community and virtual support group.  Readers – I hope I have given you the laughs and smiles through my reading that you all inspire to me to have as I write.  It’s been a great year.  Now onto the next.  Happy 1 Year Blogiversary to me :)

1st birthday